September 30, 2014

New Launches I Like

I don't like what I write about to be overly led by PR. New launches definitely have a huge presence on the blog but we don't write about everything we get - if we did, this would be a very boring site and content would be no different to the next beauty blog on the block. Of course we overlap with others but we always want to put our own spin on things. With this in mind, I wanted to post a quick round-up of some newly released products that I've been liking - they're certainly not all perfect but all have found a place in my routine, so, here goes!

1. Charlotte Tilbury Nude Kate Lipstick, €30*

I wasn't really interested in the Charlotte Tilbury range until I saw it in person and got to try it myself, and now I honestly cannot get enough of it. It is expensive but fantastic quality - and cheaper than Tom Ford. I love everything about this lipstick but the packaging is particularly laudable - I love how old-school it is. The pale nude shade is definitely not one I'd have picked up for myself - I'm only just getting my head around pinker nudes - but I'm actually really enjoying it applied over a mauve-y shade of liner. I'm wearing it in this picture along with NYX lipliner in Mauve - a lot of you really rated this combo! Oh, and paired with MAC Soar, this is a total Kylie Jenner lip.

2. Rolf Stehr Multicolor Powder in Sunset

Rolf Stehr is a paraben-free, cruelty-free makeup brand that is supposed to be especially kind to sensitive skin. It doesn't seem to be widely available in Ireland or online but I think they can be bought in the spa in the Cavan Crystal Hotel as well as other locations in Longford, Louth and Cork - you can also inquire with New Gen Skin about other stockists.

I'm blogging about this because the quality of the powder is just fantastic - really silky and finely milled. The mosaic of colours combine to give the perfect neutral blush - nicely balanced between bronze and contour, it's great for adding believable dimension to the face.

3. Rimmel Brow This Way Brow Gel, €5.49

I bought this on a total whim in a chemist near work and it's actually brilliant - such a bargain. It adds a decent amount of colour to my brows as well as holding them in place - on more caual days, this is all I've been using. Sinéad also really rates this and mentioned it here!

4. Clarins 3-Dot Liner - Brown (€25)*

Clarins release quite a few new bits every season and the three-dot liner is now out for a limited run in this brown shade. I don't really find the three-dot concept useful personally - I prefer a good skinny pen - but I know that plenty of people do love it.

I think it's very expensive for a felt tip liner but if you struggle with this aspect of makeup, it could be worth trying. The reason I like this so much is purely for the shade, it's a rich brown which is quite hard to find in a liquid liner. I've been leaning towards browns a lot for eyeliner over the last while, they compliment my blue eyes and are less harsh than a pure black - so again, brown liner is definitely something to try out if you've always used black.

Clarins release these palettes all the time and I am conscious of banging on about them maybe a little bit too much, but they are honestly really nice eyeshadows. The mineral formula isn't too intense and is really easy to blend, so I enjoy whacking these on quickly before work. The shades in this palette are probably my favourite combination to date - a nice, easy collection of smokey taupes that will flatter any eye colour. Oh, and Clarins are bringing out another 12-shade neutral palette for Christmas this year! 


  1. I need that lipstick in my life!

  2. These all look lovely. Especially the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks.

    Emma Be Beauty</A

  3. They're fantastic lipsticks Emma!

  4. Penelope Pink is next on my list!


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