September 03, 2014

Michael Kors Nail Polish - Whisper, Sweet & Ingenue Review

So, Michael Kors nail polish. Not exactly a necessity but most certainly a very nice piece of kit to have in your collection! This has been my first taste of the Michael Kors cosmetic line and I have to say I've been really impressed - the quality is high and I've found it hard to think of any negatives other than the premium price point, but you really are getting what you pay for here.

The bottle of this polish works the same way as its Chanel and YSL cousins do - you lift the lid off to reveal a round white cap, which looks surprisingly like Essie now that I think about it. The brush is grand - not too thick or thin, but nothing super-special. It's the formula of these polishes that makes them outstanding - they have to be the longest-lasting polish I've ever used. I can get up to five days out of an application - being hard on my hands means that usually I won't get more than two days on average with other polishes. The formula also dries to an incredibly shiny finish so you could get away without a top coat - and I will usually never forgo that step!

The shades I have represent some of my favourite nail colours in general. Whisper* is a really pretty bright lilac colour, Ingénue* is a perfect nude that doesn't result in mannequin hands, and Sweet* is just that -  a perfectly sweet shade of pink.

So overall? Michael Kors have won me over. They're totally a splurge at €20 (from Arnotts) but if I was to buy a high-end nail polish tomorrow for myself or as a gift, I'd be choosing this over Chanel and YSL because the quality is absolutely spot-on. Thumbs-up for what has to be, hands-down, some of the best polishes I've ever used. See what I did there?! 


  1. Oh these are so pretty, I'll have to treat myself some day!

  2. haha! tumbleweed indeed! jk. I haven't tried any of the Michael Kors cosmetic line. These colours are so pretty, like mini eggs, although the packaging in itself would win me over! It's so gorgeous!

    Emma x

  3. They're gorgeous and not the most horribly expensive treat either! x

  4. Yes they are total mini eggs colours - my fave :)

  5. I'm the same Bella it takes a lot for nail polish to excite me these days because I just have too much of the stuff!


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