September 11, 2014

Estée Lauder: Cooler Than You Think

Before I began to blog I honestly had never even thought about buying anything from Estée Lauder. The brand simply wasn't on my radar. As I got more into make-up and heard more about certain products with a good reputation, I did try and like a few, which I suppose brings be around to the first category of makeup that I think EL excel at...

Excellent base products.
I know that many people are big fans of Double Wear foundation, but for me, it's all about Double Wear Light - you can read my review here. It's a great foundation for oily/combo skin with a decent shade selection - I've also recently tried the DW powder and it's great for long days, I acually took it to Electric Picnic with me and it covered a multitude of sins. For extra coverage, their Double Wear concealer (review here) is also brilliant - one of those very rare breeds of concealer that works equally well on blemishes and the undereye area.

They know good fragrance and skincare.
Modern Muse was a huge hit with both of us last year, although I actually favour its newest incarnation, Modern Muse Chic. Sinéad blogged about the fragrance here - my synopsis would be that it's the same beautiful blend - a little stronger and I get a lot more amber out of it, but it's still suitable for day or night. In terms of skincare, I trialled Advanced Night Repair last year and it has to be one of the best serums I've used to date - I'm planning on repurchasing it as soon as what I'm using runs out because I found it great for simultaneously hydrating and keeping skin clear. For older skins, my mam also got on really well with a cream from the Advanced Time Zone range last year.

Their colour cosmetics are incredible.
I'm talking the same level as Tom Ford, Charlotte Tilbury, etc. This shouldn't be a surprise as EL are under the same roof as MAC, Tom Ford and Michael Kors, to name a select few. The products I'm showcasing in this post are exemplary of excellent colour pay-off and wear time; I cannot fault them.

To begin with, EL have added a few new shades to their Pure Color Envy collection of lipsticks, which I raved about last year in this post. The colour I'm wearing in the pictures is Carnal, an aptly named deep, sexy tomato red that kind of reminds me of MAC Lady Danger - but glossier and non-drying.

In brief, these are some of the most sumptuous, luxurious lipsticks I've ever tried - the formula is rich, moisturising but packed with pigment, and the packaging is heavy, glamourous and sleek. Oh, and they are every bit as good as a Tom Ford lipstick but €20 cheaper. Are you sold yet?!

On to eyeshadow - I've similarly high praise for Lauder's new Pure Color Envy Sculpting Eyeshadow 5 Colour Palettes. The palette I have, Definant Nude* (€52) has to be one of the most perfect palettes I own - and I have quite a few. The combination of golds and browns - along with the most perfect semi-matte highlight shade - make up the perfect shade range for my colouring. If you're blue eyes, get on this palette!

Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Carnal, Sculpting Eyeshadow 5 Colour Palette in Definant Nude.

So I suppose what I am trying to say here is that while no brand should ever be sniffed at, Lauder in particular should never be overlooked. I wanted to write this post because I think a few of my friends were quite surprised about how excited I've been about Estée Lauder recently, and I just wanted to express that the excitement is genuine and not just because I get freebies - I really, really love their stuff. If you're still unmoved, I double dare you to try one of those lipsticks and disagree...


  1. Great post, I love EL! I am addicted to Doublewear and their Ideal Light highlighter pen. I think it tends to be seen as a 'grown up' brand and not as fun as MAC or Benefit for example, but the products are really great quality!

    Rosie x

  2. Estée Lauder is also something I never even took a second look at but recently there's loads of things popping up and I'm becoming increasingly curious about it. Love the shades in the palette they're gorgeous x

    Beauty with charm

  3. This is a brilliant post! I love the lipstick and the eyeshadow palette you've shown too. EL was actually the first makeup brand I bought in the early 90's!! I bought it because my best friend bought it because her much older sister used it LOL. I do have some horrible pictures with Double Wear flashback though, and often got matched to too pinky toned foundations. I still use ANR religiously, but for the rest the brand, like Clinique, feels too horribly throwback to me now!! Your post makes me want to try it again....

  4. Totally agree. I NEED Carnal - it's stunning on you.

  5. That lippie on you tho - FABOOSH! x

  6. I made it my mission to own each and every one of them, gorgeous lippies.

  7. Estee Lauder are probably my favourite high end brand for skincare and makeup. I'm a fellow Double Wear light fan, love the DW concealer too. Their lippies are my absolute favourite, although for shame I still haven't tried the Color Envy ones yet. I've been using their skincare for years too and I love it. A totally underrated brand in the blogging world! These shades are so gorgeous on you Dee, needless to say, that lipstick is incredible!

    Emma x


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