September 04, 2014

Brand Focus: Indeed Labs

Indeed Labs is a skincare brand that has been taking the beauty world by storm for the last 12 months or so. As the name might suggest, there is a lot of science behind the brand and that is reflected in the high-quality ingredients and clinical-esque packaging and names of the products. While I haven't tried every product the brand offers, I wanted to focus in on those I have tried and put forward my own opinions as I have noticed that they differ in some respects from those commonly expressed online.

The brand started with Nanoblur; an imperfection blurring, pre-makeup step but, it was with the release of Hydraluron that Indeed Labs became the brand-du-jour. Hydraluron is billed as a 'moisture booster' and is effectively a serum with high levels of hyaluronic acid to boost moisture in the skin. Hyaluronic acid can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water and, so, Hydraluron is used to give skin a plumper, more youthful appearance.

People love Hydraluron. Like they are incredibly passionate about it. I was...whelmed by it. It was a nice addition to my skincare regime but, I didn't feel or notice a lot of difference in the hydration and plumpness of my skin. It's also quite expensive at €32.50 for 30ml. A tube didn't last long and I felt no urge to rush out and buy it again.

The Hydraluron concept spawned two more products; Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Masks and Hydraluron Moisture Jelly. The former of the two are sheet masks that promise to give dull, tired skin a concentrated dose of Hydraluron. At €26.99 for four masks, I do not recommend these. They are poorly constructed and impossible to keep on the face. I also feel there is a lot of waste as the majority of the solution is left in the packaging and on the mask and not on the skin. I do, however, love the Moisture Jelly. This is intended to be a moisturiser to complement the Hydraluron serum but, I just use it as the final step in my morning and evening routine. It promises to give instant and sustained hydration to the skin and it absolutely does. Formula, results, packaging; it's a winner all-round and I don't mind paying €29.99 for it.

Eysilix Instant Eye Rescue promises to give an instant lift to the eye area and I do agree with that claim at least. I find that this instantly tightens and gives a firmer appearance to my eyes, especially when I'm feeling very tired. They also suggest that Eysilix will do all the usual eye cream stuff; reduce fine lines and wrinkles etc which I haven't noticed one way or another. €32.50 is a bit steep for a product that I only get benefit from when I'm particularly exhausted so, I doubt I will repurchase.

The final product I have tried from Indeed Labs is the Facial Powdered Exfoliator. Conceptually, this is not unlike a product by Dermologica in that it is a water-activated manual exfoliator that comes in powder form. The Indeed Labs one is a micro-fine enzyme powder that promises a gentle skin polishing. I love this stuff. Something about the whole powder-water-scrub process tickles me and my skin is always left feeling incredibly soft afterwards. €24.99 seems a fair price for 75g of powder which I feel will last a long time.

You can find out more about Indeed Labs here and buy all of their products from Boots here.


  1. The only one I've tried recently is the Hydroluron Moisture Jelly and although I love the packaging, the actual product doesn't do a whole lot for me (maybe it's because I don't use it with the serum but it just didn't wow me) x

    Beauty with charm

  2. I really like hydraluron so I think I'll have to give the moisture jelly a whirl! Also I've been tempted to try eyesilix so I ight pick it up if it's on offer!

  3. I recently got a Sephora exfoliating powder, presume it's similar to this one too!


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