August 06, 2014

KIKO Shopping

KIKO is a brand that Sinéad's had a lot of success with over the last couple of years; she's also brought me back some serious gems (the brand currently only has stores in mainland Europe and London) so we're both pretty smitten with a lot of products that they do. The prices are fantastic so, if you're away this summer it's definitely a store to keep an eye out for.

I only got to visit KIKO for the first time myself last month on a trip to London. We didn't do a huge amount of shopping this time but did set time aside to drop into the brand's huge store on Regent Street, and it did not disappoint. It was a Saturday afternoon when we dropped in and the place was packed, which I think actually resulted in me buying less. I'm not complaining though, I got a lovely array of products and I'm happy with them overall!

I'll start with the most eye-catching product in the above photo - I've said countless times recently that I've more or less given up buying nail polish, but I have made a few exceptions. This shade (336) was screaming out at me - I love a good blue and this is a perfect dupe for Essie's Butler Please, a shade I've always lusted after. Oh and the formula is spot-on too.

Lipliners were something I'd made a mental note to pick up in KIKO as I know that Sinéad really rates them. She wasn't wrong of course, and my only regret is not buying more as they were so cheap.

MAC Redd is one of my go-to liners. It's a gorgeous warm tomato red but I only went and lost it a while ago. After picking up the #306 Precision Pencil from KIKO, I honestly don't need to replace it. The colour is perfect for all of my warm-toned red lippies, and the formula, dare I say it, is actually far better than MAC.

Another awesome liner is the Automatic Precision Liner in 504. You'll have already heard Sinéad raving about this in yesterday's post - dare I say it was a gem of a find. If you're fixated by the current trend for a slightly darker, mauve-y, 90's nude lip, you need this. It's a great formula and sticks around for ages, too!

A bit of a last-minute purchase was this lipstick - I don't know the name of the particular formula but the shade is 01. I do like it but it's a tiny bit shimmery which weirds me out a bit. As a self-proclaimed bold lip addict, I'm still kind of figuring out how to wear more muted shades so, I'll keep you posted!


  1. I picked up a few pieces in Spain, and literally opened one yesterday ; a primer with built in 50 spf, first impression easy to use, and sat well under my foundation. I loved their nail polish range, the colours were great, so far so impressed by Kiko.

  2. I think Kiko's lip products are what really stand out. You know they deliver to Ireland? No need to wait until anyone's away.

  3. I know! Might go and order about 10 lipliners! :)

  4. That sounds like a seriously brilliant primer!


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