August 19, 2014

Current Favourites

It's been ages since I checked in with a few favourites. I have to say, despite my recent disappointment with Fuschia cosmetics (thanks for the lovely feedback on that post, by the way), I've actually been inundated with awesome products lately. A combination of beauty shopping along with some fantastic new releases has led to me having a pretty brilliant edit of products on the go. I've a few skincare products to talk about, too, but for the sake of brevity I'll keep that for another upcoming post!

Lorac Pro Palette
This has to be one of the best items I've bought this year, and has completed the sacred trifecta of palettes; this, the NARS NARSissist palette and the 2013 Laura Mercier Artist's palette are my all-time favourites. This is probably the most versatile of the three, and the quality of the shadows has to be seen to be believed. I'm honestly still in awe every time I use it - standout shades for me so fare are Mauve and Pewter but, I'm still experimenting!

If you're heading to the States in the near future, this is the one palette I'd recommend for you to pick up - LORAC is no longer available in Sephora in the US but is still stocked at ULTA. The quality is just insane and blows the entire Naked series out of the water. You can order it online too but shipping is a bit dear; myself and Sinéad ordered together on Amazon to save on shipping and it worked out at about €43 each from LORAC on Amazon.

DKNY MYNY Perfume*

I have to confess that I didn't think that DKNY's latest scent would be for me. I loved their perfumes when I was younger but these days prefer something a little more complex - happily, DKNY have also progressed in that vein. MYNY is a little more modern and quirky than past releases; the notes that stand out most to me are pink pepper, vanilla, jasmine and ambergris. It is sweet but not afflictingly so, and dries down with a satisfying amount of musk. I love this and have been wearing it most days; it's girly without being cheesy or predictable, and the heart-shaped, clunky bottle has the same pleasing mix of femininity and tenacity. It's out on the 20th and costs €49 for 30ml, €60 for 50ml and €83 for 100ml.

Cocoa Brown Gentle Bronze

I don't know why it took me so long to try this; I'd heard great things about it and being a pale Irish person, I do love a good gradual tanner. This has very quickly become my most-used tanning product; it hardly smells if at all, applies evenly and is nicely hydrating. The colour it gives has just the right depth for me and isn't at all orange. It's one of the only tans I can use without showering the next day - thumbs up for a fantastic product, and it's only €5.99.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet: Nude-ist* and Pink Pong

These have been out a while now but I'm still loving them; Pink Pong is one of the most gorgeous bright pinks I own, and Nude-ist is a beautiful deep rosy colour that goes really well with a smokey eye. Definitely one of the best quality 'drugstore' lip products out there; if you enjoy a good matte lip, you need to give these a go.

Shiseido UV Protective Liquid Foundation*

I know that this post has been very rave-y and superlative-heavy, but I may as well end it on a high - this is one of the best foundations I have ever used. It's gentle on my skin, lasts well, blends like a dream and offers great sun protection on top of everything else. We'll have a full review of this up soon but, suffice to say this is an absolute gem.

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