August 20, 2014

Aesop Control Gel

Spot cream isn't the most exciting of topics, its it? This one has me a bit hot under the collar though - there's nothing better than when you find something that just works. I'd never had much luck in the past with targeted spot treatments - I found La Roche Posay's Effaclar A.I. to be just okay but it did nothing to shift the bigger, ahem, residents on my face.

I'm actually having quite a good run of clear skin at the moment which I think is thanks to another serum that we'll be reviewing soon. I did have one whopper of a spot (that honestly felt like akin to a boil) on my cheek, which brought about the perfect opportunity to give this stuff a good test. It's a clear gel that spreads well on my skin and, most importantly, stays where it's supposed to. It smells potently herbal but in a good way, and no wonder because it's made up of a lot of natural astringents, like witch hazel, rosemary and sage oils, as well as good old salicylic acid.

I think that my skin has reacted well to the abundance of natural ingredients in Control Gel - it calms down inflammation and redness quite quickly. I've also tried the Caroline Hirons method of layering this with facial oil, and that sped things up even further. If you suffer from spotty and oily skin and you haven't already tried a facial oil, definitely do. I know that it kind of goes against all instincts but, honestly, it's incredibly effective at balancing everything out.

The name of this product is fairly spot on as it does help to control big zits - I mean nothing's going to make them disappear overnight, but this certainly helps them shrink far faster than they would organically. This is a very small tube - as illustrated by my amateur hand modelling above - and isn't cheap at £15 for 10ml.

However, I'm okay with the price because it works - for the sake of comparison, La Roche-Posay Effaclar A.I. is about £10 RRP. I don't use a lot at a time so I'm confident that this will last me for some stretch - and as I said at the beginning of this post, I'm just so satisfied to find something as effective as this!


  1. This review couldn't have come at a better time. I'm struggling with some spots and find La Roche-Posay's Effaclar A.I. isn't working as well as I had expected or would like, so I'll give the Aoesop Control Gel a try next.

  2. The quest to find the most effective spot treatment never really ends. I'm really happy with Origins' spot treatment but I'll definitely look into this once I run out. You totally got me at the sentence that included the words big zit, sold. I'm always open to try new things!

    Alice x |

  3. what chade of the armani are u wearing?

  4. I find the Effaclar Duo[+] much better than the Effaclar A.I version; I use it in the same way, targeted on blemishes (rather than all over my face), and I'm having problem spots disappear overnight or within 2 days. I'm switching between Aesop Control and Effaclar Duo and they're both working (hooray!) - historically nothing used to work for me so these are my new favourite things.

  5. I've never tried the Origins actually - hope you like this if you try it!

  6. I way prefer Effaclar Duo+ as well!


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