August 26, 2014

A Perfect Nude Lip Pairing

One aspect of make-up that I never expected to be writing about with fervent passion on this blog was a nude lip. It's never really been my thing; of course I tried circa 2010 with GOSH Darling but it never suited me; tinted lip balms in hues of red and pink have, for the most part, been my version of a nude. My lips are quite pigmented and it just suited me to play up my natural lip colour by accentuating the red tones.

My new love affair with more grown-up, slightly mauvey shades of nude began before I picked up this duo - it actually started with Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy which is a perfect one-suits-all colour. I've not actually blogged about it so if you'd be interested in that, let me know - it's honestly now one of my all-time favourite lipsticks.

I'd been wanting to find my perfect MAC nude for ages, especially since my best friend had picked up their liner in Soar and I'd seen how gorgeous it looked on her - and she's not a big nude lover either! I finally had the chance a couple of weeks ago to go on a bit of a swatch-fest at MAC, and left with Dervish lipliner and Patisserie lipstick.

These are honestly an incredibly perfect pairing. I'm over the moon to find a nude that doesn't wash me out and actually compliments my colouring, If you're pale like me or are simply on a mission to find a nude lip that doesn't make you look like a mannequin, well, here it is. Dervish liner has to be one of the best I've ever tried; it adds definition without being overly Pamela Anderson, and Patisserie sits beautifully on top of it for a bit of extra dimension and shine. 

This is a pairing I know I'll always return to; I've been wearing it almost non-stop which is incredibly unlike me. It's products like this that remind me why I love and always go back to MAC; they just work!


  1. Patisserie is my fav Mac Lipstick. It's just gorgeous.

    Emma Be Beauty</A

  2. It's definitely my new favourite nude :)

  3. Both products have been on my MAC wishlist for some time now and they go so beautifully together! They look absolutely stunning on you, Dee :) I'm a milk bottle and wear the palest nude to the darkest burgundy and have been toying with the idea of trying a darker nude for a while, without being too Kylie Jenner a la Whirl/Spice if yano what I mean. I think the pink in Dervish is a nice balance!

  4. Thanks Gracey! Yeah Dervish is just a spot on colour but Whirl is totally on my list too, I want to try mixing them :)

  5. Love it! My kinda nude for sure. Can't deal with the sickly skin-tones, much prefer mauve-shades like yourself! Looking gooood :)


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