July 03, 2014

Saturday's Face

Last Saturday, I was feeling less than energetic. I was actually starting to come down with something fairly nasty but I'd tickets to a gig (Biffy Clyro) and really didn't want to miss out. So in order to make myself feel semi-human again, I of course slapped on a hefty amount of makeup, went out and had a brilliant time.

Naturally enough this post is all about what I used along with my thoughts on the products, especially the eyeshadow palette I used as I think it's really quite special. 

For my base, I stuck to a few products that I am rarely straying from these days. I went in with the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint (review pending, but it's brilliant) followed by a concealer that I really don't talk enough about - MAC Pro Longwear. This is my second tube - I bought it in a funk one day when the Collection concealer was nowhere to be found in town. I must say that I love this - it suits my needs better than the likes of the NARS concealer, covering flaws really well whilst still looking natural. It's good under the eyes too, but I always reserve Clarins Instant Concealer* for that job because nothing compares! For powder, I used NARS Transluscent Crystal, which is now a joint all-time favourite of mine along with MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural. 

For cheeks, I contoured/bronzed using the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light - still loving this. I kept blush quite natural by using a bit of an old favourite, MAC Pinch 'o' Peach, and then went to town highlighting with the Diorskin Nude Tan Transat Edition - aka my favourite highlighter with the world's most long-winded name.

On to eyes. I used my primer of choice from NARS and took out a new favourite palette, the Pari Elements Eyeshadow Palette.* I won't lie, when I received this I wasn't mad on the packaging, and I definitely wasn't expecting it to be half as good as it actually is. However, it's absolutely fantastic - honestly completely on a par with some of my favourite eyeshadows from Tom Ford, Laura Mercier and MAC. Four our of the five shades bear more than a striking resemblance to the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage quad, except the russet colour leans a little more cranberry in this palette. 

The shadows have incredible pigment and lasting power - the mattes in particular are absolutely brilliant. €40's the damage for a palette that is incredibly versatile and will create a ton of different looks - it's available in a few different colourways on makeup artist Rachel Murphy's site. I've my eye on the Amber palette now!

To finish off eyes, I used Illamasqua Medium Pencil in Vow to brighten up the waterline, and the Stila Stay All Day pen as liquid liner. I know there is a lot of hype out there right now about the new Benefit liner and I've yet to try it, I'm not in a rush to either as this ticks all of my boxes and is the most perfect, pigmented, easy-to-use liner I've ever had.

Eyebrow chat: I've been using the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade in Brunette and while I really like it, it's not as good as Aqua Brow so I will be repurchasing that next time! The reason I prefer Aqua Brow is because it holds everything in place as well as delivering great colour. To hold  hairs in place this time I used the Anastasia Brow Fix - love this. A quich swipe of this waxy crayon holds everything down for the day -  if you've unruly brows, definitely try it.

Finally - nearly there - I went for a red lip, lining with MAC Cherry followed by NARS Heat Wave. I like this combo because it knocked a bit of the orange out of Heat Wave but still kept things interesting. Heat Wave is definitely my lipstick of the summer!


  1. You look lovely, like Snow White ;). I hope you didn't get too ill!

  2. Your eyes look stunning!!

    XO, G from grace'd

  3. I LOVE this scent, Roger and Galet do such lovely fragrances

  4. Flawless! MAC Pro Longwear & Aqua Brow now added to my wish list!

  5. There's nothing like a red lipstick to make you feel better! Love this NARS one on you! That Clarins concealer is still on my shopping list, can't wait to try it!

    Emma x

  6. You look lovely, that red looks great on you x

  7. Your lips O.O even better than Biffy Clyro!


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