July 31, 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Review

I am a bad blogger - this is my second tube of MAC Pro Longwear concealer since it came out, but it's only now that I'm getting around to reviewing it properly. I feel like I under-appreciated this for an age. but after buying it again, I knew it wouldn't be long before I devoted a full post to this stuff.

I think that this has to be one of my all-time favourite concealers. I did like the famed NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer initially, but found that it changed consistency over time, didn't sit well on my skin and didn't provide adequate coverage for blemishes.
Where this concealer shines is in its sheer potency. It reminds me of MAC Studio Fix Fluid but with even more pigment - it kind of just keeps giving and blends so well, lending a far smoother appearance to skin and pores. The way that this concealer effectively cancels out redness and zits has helped me transition towards a lighter base (like The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream), as I'm better equipped than ever to just conceal in the areas where I need it.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer does work well for under the eyes, too, but it is a little heavy so I usually reserve that job for my beloved Clarins Instant Concealer. Oh, and it lasts. I used this right through our recent hot and humid spell here in Dublin and it served me very, very well.

Any downsides? The fiddly little pump, for sure. It's certainly not as bad as the sheer idiocy that is the packaging of Maybelline The Eraser, but it's up there. I mean who needs a pump for a concealer? Well, actually, the more that I think about it, I do appreciate how the product is well-sealed as I think it would change consistency over time à la NARS in normal packaging. Nevertheless, the pump kind of sucks as it takes a while to master the art of dispensing just the right amount - not something I really have time to worry about when I'm trying to make myself look human at 7.30am.

The fact that the little tube is made of glass also makes me nervous and tetchy - for the first time, I appreciate that my mother has covered the majority of our house in carpet because I know from other bloggers that if you drop this on tiles or wood, it it most likely done for. Overall though? Worth the fuss. It's €20 and lasts ages - I love it.


  1. Nice tip! As you are a fellow pale skinned lady I always take your recommendations serious enough to spend all my money haha. I love MAC but I tend to avoid their concealer and foundations because I associated it with the "MAC look"; over the top, very dark and, sorry, a little cakey but this looks like a nice pale shade of concealer. *ponders next month's wage*

  2. oooohhhh i am loving the sound of this! And since pretty much all my purchases are influenced by you girls i reckon it will be mine with in about a week. Thank you ;)

  3. Defo going to try this. I found the nars concealer went very dry as I got through the tube. going to pick this mac one next time I'm in the city

  4. im ginger too and i wear julianne and eva´s lipstick

  5. Have always wanted to try this! I'm on the lookout for a heavy duty concealer.

  6. I get you re the MAC look, a lot of people go a bit heavy on their products! This is far from cakey though, I think you'd like it :)

  7. I need to investigate LM concealers! And I'd definitely try it in another shade x

  8. Hope you like it Lauren :)


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