July 29, 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 Minute Treatments

Garnier's newest budget range for hair, Ultimate Blends, has been everywhere this year; I attended the launch in early spring and was impressed enough at the claims. The range is based on the concept of a custom blend of oils for different hair types and needs - a fairly logical progression, oils have been the biggest thing to happen in haircare over the last five years or so.

I was matched to the Sleek Restorer range because of how dry, frizzy and thick my mane is. I will say that I wasn't wowed by the entire range, and that's why it's taken me an age to write about it; the shampoo and conditioner were, well, grand but quite basic and quite silicone and sulphate-heavy. Now, my hair adores silicone; in fact, it needs a bit of silicone but sulphates are another matter entirely. I've got quite a sensitive scalp and I find that if I don't use silicone-free shampoo and conditioner at least in rotation, it flares up and becomes quite dry. The Sleek Restorer shampoo and conditioner left my hair feeling quite, well, sleek and tamed, and also smelling gorgeous, but I couldn't keep using it for too long without my scalp reacting. This doesn't mean that it's not worth trying  - if you have a normal scalp that isn't easily irritated, I'd say go for it! I've also used the oil from the range - it's fine but a little heavy and I much prefer Kérastase Elixir Ultime or L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil.

Now, on to what I think are the real star products of this range - the 1 Minute Treatments. The Sleek Restorer one was what really impressed me initially. It smells gorgeous, like coconut and shea butter, and really makes a difference in the condition of my hair; it feels hydrated, smoother and far easier to style after use. You really don't need to leave the conditioner in for long to see results - perfect if you're busy - and it's an absolute bargain at €5.29 RRP. More recently, I picked up the Glow Replenisher version of the same product to see if I'd like it - it's also excellent and great for shine, but the Sleek Restorer is definitely my favourite of the two. Garnier do a version of this product to cater to every hair type so, I'd definitely recommend checking them out!


  1. I have the Sleek one and it's lovely, it smells gorgeous too!

  2. I'd love to give the sleek one a go. Currently using a 1 minute loreal treatment for coloured hair though. It's fab

  3. I've seen these on offer a lot and wondered what they are like.
    I love L'oreal shampoos though, and like that they're probably packed with silicone and sulphates I'm sure but I think they just help keep my hair manageable and the most affordable from their range.
    I love the L'oreal 60 min treatment!

  4. I read someone else giving a great review for the 1 minute treatment! Might have to pick one up! :)


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