July 31, 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer Review

I am a bad blogger - this is my second tube of MAC Pro Longwear concealer since it came out, but it's only now that I'm getting around to reviewing it properly. I feel like I under-appreciated this for an age. but after buying it again, I knew it wouldn't be long before I devoted a full post to this stuff.

I think that this has to be one of my all-time favourite concealers. I did like the famed NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer initially, but found that it changed consistency over time, didn't sit well on my skin and didn't provide adequate coverage for blemishes.

July 30, 2014

Skincare Shopping

I've been doing a lot of shopping lately. I'm blaming the unavoidable pre-holiday shopping that puts me in the vicinity of Boots et al but, a lot of "stuff" has been catching my eye and I haven't exactly been exercising a lot of willpower! I'll have a make-up shopping post up next week but, I figured I would section off the skincare and chat about it separately as the post would be too long otherwise!

July 29, 2014

Garnier Ultimate Blends 1 Minute Treatments

Garnier's newest budget range for hair, Ultimate Blends, has been everywhere this year; I attended the launch in early spring and was impressed enough at the claims. The range is based on the concept of a custom blend of oils for different hair types and needs - a fairly logical progression, oils have been the biggest thing to happen in haircare over the last five years or so.

July 28, 2014

15 Favourites Under €15

If I had set about to write this post two years ago, I would have struggled. However, the low-to-mid range beauty market has improved tenfold in that time and I had a hard time whittling this category down to just 15! I wanted to do this post as, even though I do have a penchant for the luxe end of things (I might do a similar post on that?), a large portion of my everyday stuff is from the more pocket-friendly bracket.

July 27, 2014

This Week.. # 14

We've both kind of dropped off from writing these update posts; it's been such a lovely summer so far and I think we've both just been far too busy enjoying ourselves! The past month has been a bit manic for me between gigs, a trip away and my birthday, so let's have a little catch-up. Apologies for the influx of selfies!

July 25, 2014

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

Sometimes a product comes along out of nowhere and knocks my socks off. Case in point right here: Sinéad very kindly sourced this from a relative who was away in the States as a birthday pressie. I'd been very curious about BITE Beauty for a while; they're a brand specialising in luxury lip products, what's not to love?! The only clincher is that as it stands, they're only available from Sephora in the US.

July 23, 2014

Tan Hacks

It's that time of year where short sleeves at the very least are the norm almost daily; the sun has been coming and going here in Dublin but, the humidity has been a constant so, not many of us have been covering up. This month and August are honestly probably the only months of the year that I regularly fake tan - I don't mind being pale at all but when I'm in a t-shirt daily it's nice to at least attempt a bit of a healthy glow.

July 22, 2014

Current Skincare

It's been the longest time since I did a skincare update and, as I'm going through a spell of being really into it at the moment, I thought I would give you a rundown of what I'm currently using.

July 21, 2014

Wipes I Like?!

I know. I know. Face wipes are the devil's work, anybody who knows anything about skincare gave them up years ago, et cetera. However, real life happens. 

July 14, 2014

Take 3: Foundations

It's been awhile since I've done one of these Take 3 posts and, when I noticed how my everyday make-up box was overflowing with foundations, I figured it would be the perfect topic to get me back into the groove! I've selected my current three favourites which, happily enough, are at three different price points but, I love them all equally! 

July 10, 2014

15lb And Counting

I always kind of feel like these, more personal, posts don't really have a place on this blog. Maybe I'm wrong and maybe you would like some different things to beauty; travel, food, incorporated in every now and then? You can let me know. In any event, this post was requested a number of times on Twitter so, here we are. 

It's going to be a weightloss/fitness/health post (I know, how original these days!) and, just to preface it, this is what has been working for me. I'm not an expert (though I am under the supervision of one) and I don't believe in telling anyone they should be eating this or doing that. However, I do firmly believe in this lifestyle for my body and I have responded so well to it that I don't mind sharing my story and advocating it. 

This will be a long post as I wanted to cover everything you may have questions about but, if I omitted anything, please feel free to ask away in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

July 09, 2014

Essie 'Colours in the Wild' Summer 2014

Inspired by women with instinctive style, tribal prints and safaris, Essie's Colours in the Wild collection for summer 2014 is a bright burst of powerful, punchy nail polishes that really stand out from the usual seasonal offerings of pastels and neons. These are real colours.

July 08, 2014

Jouer Matte Moisture Tint Review

A 'matte moisture tint' is quite a clever play on words. This stuff is most definitely pitched towards us oily-skinned people who are hooked on foundation and have always struggled with tinted moisturisers and BB creams. 

I am definitely at a place, thanks to good skincare, where I don't really need full coverage all of the time. Realising that a lighter base teamed with some concealer where I need it is the way to go has really changed how I think about make-up, and I think I look a little better for it (hopefully)! 

July 07, 2014

L'Oreal Glam Matte Intense Matte Gloss

This is one of the nicest lip launches I have seen come out of the drugstore in a long while. L'Oreal Glam Matte Intense Matte Gloss* (€11.99) are yet another incarnation of the liquid lipstick-gloss hybrid that has been tried and tested by everyone from Bourjois to Hourglass. These particular ones live up to their name; they are seriously intense!

July 03, 2014

Saturday's Face

Last Saturday, I was feeling less than energetic. I was actually starting to come down with something fairly nasty but I'd tickets to a gig (Biffy Clyro) and really didn't want to miss out. So in order to make myself feel semi-human again, I of course slapped on a hefty amount of makeup, went out and had a brilliant time.

Naturally enough this post is all about what I used along with my thoughts on the products, especially the eyeshadow palette I used as I think it's really quite special. 

July 02, 2014

Roger & Gallet Gingembre Rouge Review

Being totally honest, it is a very rare occasion that I am sent a scent (see what I did there?!) that I actually like. I know, I know, #firstworldbloggerprobs, but it's totally true - the majority of perfumes in my rotation are ones that I purchased myself or that my boyfriend gave to me under strict, ahem, guidance.

July 01, 2014

My Face #14

It's been a few months since I've done a My Face post so, I figured I would update you on what products I've been loving, new and old, recently!

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