June 08, 2014

This Week...#13

Wow...thirteen weeks in to this little lifestyle series. Unlucky for some but, after the last few weeks, #13 has proved a good one! As I mentioned last week, my dad has been in hospital so I have been quite consumed by that. However, almost two weeks after he first went in, he is home and doing great! Hopefully I will get my blogging mojo back but, for the moment, I feel better just blogging when I am inspired or particularly passionate about something and I hope that's okay with you lot!

Dumplings... To celebrate my dad getting out of hospital, we took a trip to our favourite Chinese. Located off O'Connell Street in Dublin, M&L is probably the most authentic Chinese in the city and that's proven by how many native Chinese people eat there. I go at least once a month and the best dishes are those that are not on the menu. The Double Cooked Pork Belly and Harbour Prawns are particular favourites but, we revisited their dumplings this weekend and holy shit are they amazing. 10/10...highly recommend!

Making Progress... I mentioned in a This Week post a while ago that I had been working hard to get my body in check for summer. This week, I hit some milestones as I am down 5kg/11lb, have lost over 8 inches overall and, based on my own measurements, am down 2-3 bra sizes! I'm delighted and so motivated to keep going. #highfatFTW

Sunglasses... Since getting my eyes lasered, I have become obsessed with sunglasses. I always had a lot of pairs but, could only ever wear them on days where I pre-empted the sun and wore contacts. Now I wear them almost every single day and, this week, Kev and I took advantage of Brown Thomas' Buy One Get One 50% Off deal and each got a new pair of sunnies. I have had my eye on these black-on-black Ray Ban Aviators for the longest time and I adore them.


  1. Those dumplings look amazing! <3

    Jennifer x

  2. Oh, those dumplings look fantastic! I'm going to be visiting this place, I love Chinese food!!!

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  3. I'm so happy your dad is better. And you look great in those sunnies!

  4. Holy mother that food looks amazing! Can you believe I've never tried a dumpling before? Appalling!




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