June 23, 2014

The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream Review

BB creams and I don't really have a great history. Being a person with oily, blemished and scarred skin, it's not been easy to find a lightweight BB that still delivers decent coverage and doesn't slide off after two hours. The Body Shop Tea Tree BB Cream (€13.50)* has been one of very, very few BBs that I can actually get along with.

This, beauty friends, is my new favourite light base. I'm so fussy about these things so I am quite surprised by how much I love it. It's quite a creamy base and smells like tea tree, but not strongly so. The product claims to act as a natural antiseptic by means of this ingredient - I can't really attest to this long-term but I do think, because of how well it agrees with my skin, that it is non-comedogenic.

The shade (Light) suits my skin perfectly, and the texture of the product is creamy without being tacky or heavy. It dries to a satin finish - not shiny at all - and is easily bulidable. It kind of melts into the skin like a proper BB should; it looks convincingly skin-like whilst still covering quite a bit. Oh, and it doesn't sit in pores - something that's hugely important to me! 
Lasting power is great, too - I'd say I get about six or seven hours out of it before it starts to rub away, and even as it does, it disappears evenly and doesn't oxidise or go patchy. 

Of course, I have it teamed with concealer and powder in the picture as I was ready for a day out, but for holidays or any off-duty occasions I'd be very happy to wear this alone. It's an incredible product for the price and one that I'll happily use up this summer! 


  1. I recently bought this and I love it as well :) The smallest amount of it seems to go a long away so I'm forever squeezing too much out. Great post x

  2. This sounds great and looks flawless on you as usual! I love a lighter base in the summer :)




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