June 10, 2014

Some Skincare Favourites

 I'm so obsessed with skincare, it's a bit much at times and I do realise that most people can't afford / aren't bothered to implement the kind of quasi-fascist routines that are often showcased on beauty blogs (this one included)! Nevertheless, good skincare is a great investment whenever you can afford or remember it. Think of this as an 'if you only buy one thing this month...' kind of blog post. All of these products are, in my opinion, more than worth the investment, and implementing the use of even one with some regularity will probably pay dividends in your routine!

Bioderma for Oily Skin
Since the cheaper versions of Bioderma have become so widely available, I've been pretty happy with L'Oreal and Garnier. However,  this version of Bioderma for oily skin is a product I've always wanted to try, and curiosity got the better of me recently when I was placing an Escentual order. This is the only micellar water I've ever tried that I think is worth paying more for. I think it's total underrated and I look forward to using it every night; it smells really fresh and pleasant without being overpowering or lingering, and it genuinely feels better suited to my skin type. It's not an astringent or anything like that - I just feel like it lifts dirt and grease from my oily skin more effectively than other micellars, without drying it out. I will be buying this again!

First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads 
Since I'm back working full-time, I've next to no time in the mornings and rarely get to wash my face as the sink in my attic room is fairly unreliable! I've found that using one of these every morning, followed by a generous spritz of Vichy thermal water (all wiped off with a cotton pad before serum and moisturiser) is probably the best cleanse I can get without a sink. These pads are pre-soaked with a formula that contains a very mild grade of chemical exfoliant, promoting radiance and a smoother skin texture. They have a rough and a smooth side which also aids gentle exfoliation, and they are generously soaked with product - I'm over halfway through this tub and they haven't dried up or anything like that. I really enjoy using these and they've definitely helped to keep my skin clear and my pores aren't as noticeable, either. It takes next to no time to use one of these so, they're perfect if you're pushed for time in the morning!

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

I didn't think I'd be writing the words 'better than Hydraluron' on this blog any time soon, but here I am. This has to be my favourite hydrating serum ever, I love the light texture, my skin absolutely drinks it up and I've really noticed a difference since using it. My skin is plumper, healthier and makeup sits better on it. This serum is the same price as Hydraluron and I definitely prefer it - my only issue is with how quickly I've been working through it - it's so hard to only use one pump!

Indeed Labs Eyesilix Eye Cream

Like all Indeed Labs products, this eye cream has been receiving almost universal praise since its release. Before this, I was very bored by eye creams and had never really found one that I looked forward to using. I quite like this one because the texture is just right; not too thick or thin, and I can feel how hydrating it is straight away which is weirdly satisfying. This ticks all my boxes in that I can use it AM and PM, it's not very thick and doesn't interfere with my sensitive eyes. In terms of efficacy, I feel like it really hydrates and smoothes out the eye area, and also keeps puffiness at bay. Good stuff! 


  1. I got this for my birthday and it is really good but its nearly all gone and it is a bit pricey to replace Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum

  2. Love that Bioderma Sebium range, I'm using the foaming gel cleanser and matte moisturiser at the moment and I love both, haven't tried the micellar version but will add it to the long list! I was really disappointed with the Caudalie serum, my skin isn't all that dry but I just found it made no difference, must just not have agreed with my particular skin, must give some of the Indeed Labs stuff a try!

    Emma x

  3. It definitely is pricey Linda but I love it!

  4. I LOVE their matte moisturiser - great for this time of year! Definitely try Hydraluron if you didn't get on with this x

  5. I'm obsessed with Skincare! I must try that eysilix cream it sounds perfect for me. I'm loving my pixi glow tonic at the mo


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