June 21, 2014

My MAC Palette - 2014

L-R: Sketch, Sable, Patina, Amber Lights, Expensive Pink, Twinks, Soft Brown, Woodwinked, Antiqued, Coppering, Satin Taupe, Wedge, Gleam, All That Glitters, Cranberry.

Since I've kind of re-jigged and completed it, I thought it was high time for me to give you all a little tour of my MAC eyeshadow palette. This is one of my go-to items - at the moment my most-reached for are this and the NARS Narsissist palette.
MAC eyeshadows are expensive but they will always have a place in my collection, no matter how many amazing pre-designed palettes come out. There is nothing like a good MAC eyeshadow - especially the Veluxe Pearl finish - for a good wash of colour all over the lid - I find that you don't have to work very hard for them to look amazing on. Obviously the DIY, pick-it-yourself element has an appeal - I picked out all of these shadows with my own colouring in mind, and I love the new design of palette MAC has, it's so sleek and pretty. On that note, has anyone seen the new Duo Pro Palettes? They look interesting...

Again, I'm not going to swatch all of these because there's just so many, and Temptalia is your only woman for an accurate swatch picture. I love the colours in this palette and for the most part they are all incredibly easy to wear and blend, and compliment my blue eyes nicely. I will say that if I was to buy more MAC eyeshadows (which I won't be doing for the forseeable!), I would incorporate a few more smokey and grey shades, along with a couple of darker crease colours. This is very much my 'warm' palette, which I do love but there's not much scope for a classic, traditional smokey eye with these colours so do bear that in mind when looking at the shades!

Sketch: A plummy colour that doesn't come across as purple on skin - I use this in the crease a lot to build a smokey look, and it adds a bit of interest as it's not a flat black or brown.

Sable: This was one of my first MAC eyeshadows and has remained a firm favourite. It's a bronzey, reddish brown that brings out a touch of green in my eyes - one of my favourites for both everyday and evening wear.

Patina: A beautiful old gold colour that works great alone for a minimal look. I have come to love this a lot more recently and I think it's one of my favourite MAC eyeshadows of all time.

Amber Lights: I won't lie, I have found it hard to make this shade work for my colouring because it is just so yellow. I can use it as part of a brown smokey eye but have to be very careful with it in order to avoid looking, well, jaundiced. I would still recommend this if you like golds and are a little more tanned than I am, though - it's a beautiful shade.

Expensive Pink:
 This is quite an orangey-gold colour - looks great all over the lid on blue eyes, but needs a matte crease colour to work. Great texture and doesn't pull funny on me like Amber Lights can.

 This is quite similar to Sketch, but not as deep. I like it paired in the crease with Sable, or as part of a soft smokey eye with Satin Taupe.

Soft Brown: A US-only shade that Sinéad picked up for me in NYC two years ago. Brilliant in the crease with pretty much any eyeshadow one of my favourite blending colours ever. If you're heading to America this year, definitely stick this on your shopping list!

Woodwinked: An infamous shade and I love it just as much as everyone else does. If you have blue eyes, you need this. It can look a little too yellow on its own, so I pop a matte shade in the crease most of the time.

Mythology: A rose-gold sparkly shadow that works well alone as long as you blend properly. A Lollipop26-inspired purchase!

Coppering: Similar to Amber Lights, I just haven't figured this one out yet. It's a gorgeous coppery-orange shade but it looks very strong on me. Suggestions on how to tone this one down are welcome!

Satin Taupe: I'm sure you've all heard of this. It's the prettiest wash of grey-taupe colour and flatters all skintones and eye colours - one of MAC's most versatile and sought-after shades.

Wedge: This is the perfect companion to a lot of MAC eyeshadows as a subtle crease colour, and I've even contoured my face with it! A total must-have.

Gleam: I kind of regret buying this because the texture isn't easy to work with and it's not a very unique shade of champagne - I can make it work, but I wouldn't recommend it when there's so many other amazing shades out there.

All That Glitters: My most used eyeshadow - I use this as an inner corner highlight and all over the lid all the time. Will be repurchasing very soon!

 This may look very red/pink, but it works great to bring out blue eyes either as a lid colour or on the lower lash line. When used correctly, it looks really striking without being loud or unsettling!

So, I hope this was useful! That big gaping hole in All That Glitters is annoying me now - I'm resolving to use it up soon so I can go and get a fresh one! I'd love to know what your favourite MAC shades are - any suggestions or recommendations?


  1. One of my goals is to fill a mac palette like this :o I've bookmarked this post because I know there are plenty of shakes here like all that glitters that I would want in mine! xx


  2. Lovely colours, I really liked Satin and Cranberry :)

  3. I currently have 6 more spaces to fill in my mac palette. mac really overwhelms me, there are so many shades to choose from that I end up with shadows that don't compliment each other. i love how versatile your palette looks!

  4. I've never come across these before, will keep an eye out!

  5. Glad it was helpful, All That Glitters is one of the best shades! X

  6. Thanks Grace - have fun filling it up :)

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