May 13, 2014

Three Texturising Sprays

To begin with, I was totally disinterested in this whole texturised-hair trend. I had quite long, wiry hair for the longest time and the last thing I really needed was to add more texture to it - I was more interested in keeping it tamed! A couple of haircuts later, my hair is far shorter and although it does have a natural texture to it I have really come to rely on a spray of some sort to inject a little volume and messiness back in post-styling.

Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Finish has been in my possession since early January, and it's still going strong. I bought it after it was used on me for the Smashbox shoot because I was so pleased with my hair that day - the amazing hairdresser (KT from Sobe Brown, Cork), used it as a backcombing aid, but I've just been spraying it liberally both on top of and into the roots of my hair to create a bit of mess and volume. This stuff totally delivers, it is expensive but it works and is lasting me forever. It's worth noting that Bumble and Bumble has become far more available in the Republic of Ireland of late; I know off the top of my head that it is stocked in Boots Liffey Valley and the Pavilions, Swords.

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is the Messiah of this genre of hair product - there is just no escaping that fact. It is horrendously expensive but the most concentrated formula out of the three I'm discussing here. I use very little of it to get the desired effect and I can't get enough, honestly. And can we discuss the smell for a moment? Oribe are missing a serious trick here as far as I'm concerned - if they started making perfumes and candles that smelled like this, I'd be first in line.

VO5 Give Me Texture is, by all accounts, the best budget version of this kind of product - so I picked it up on a whim in Boots, and I have to say I really enjoy it. It smells very pleasant - like baby powder - and it gives genuine volume and texture with a few quick sprays. It will leave the odd faint white mark against my (very dark) hair but, it's nothing a little ruffle won't fix. I can't use this more than once between washes as I have a sensitive scalp and can't stand product build-up but I will definitely buy this again.

So to sum up - I love and recommend all three of these. I will end up buying the full-size Oribe because I am a crazy person and I love it fiercely; the Bumble and Bumble is also excellent, a very close second and I would totally repurchase, and the V05 is something I'll always have on hand for everyday, less 'special' usage!


  1. Very nice picks. Oh to be able to justify the Oribe. Maybe some day haha! for now I'll be sticking to my Charles Worthington spray. it does the job for me!



  2. Love Bumble and Bumble's products! Think they're great. But that Oribe texturising spray.... oh lord I wanna try it so bad. haha.

    XO, G from grace'd

  3. Bumble & Bumble also available in Boots Half Moon Street Cork!! There is a great on-counter stylist called Mary I would defo recommend paying a visit if you live in Cork! Love this post, love my volume:)

  4. Lots of Bumble&Bumble products available in Flat Iron on the top floor of the grooming rooms on South William St! And Boots in Dundrum stock it too, and have some tester sprays.
    I love the B&B one, but I find the Loreal one a good substitute, and its only a fiver! You spray away like mad and not worry about wasting it.


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