May 25, 2014

This Week...#11

This was possibly the longest week in the history of life. I have no reason why but, Friday evening felt eons away and I was exhausted for most of it! That being said; here's what made my week this week!

The Danish. I started watching the original Danish version of The Killing at the behest of my boss and I love it. There is something really gritty and raw about it and the story is good if not a little dragged out. The only downside is that I forget I don't actually speak Danish and constantly look away from the screen, only to look back and realise I've missed all the subtitles and have no idea what's going on! It's on Netflix if you're interested.

Date the best night. Kev and I have been together for almost 10 years now and we still love to go out and do stuff together. Sadly, we don't always have time because we both work so much and often on conflicting schedules but, this week we found an evening to go for dinner (M&L - ask for the Double Cooked Pork Belly and Harbour Prawns; neither are on the menu) and a movie (Godzilla 3D - more lizards, less lovey dovey plz) and it was just so lovely. It's the little things.

Iggy Azalea...who I don't really like but, can't stop playing her new album in the gym. A mix of rap, hip hop, tri-tonal catchy choruses and some house influence, it's perfect ear candy to make you forget that those 75kg (new PB - yay!) are actually really bloody heavy. Here's Fancy to brighten up your Sunday morning. PS - Hands up who would like to see Claire Marshall do a video to this?!


  1. I actually fricken love Iggy Azalea. :P Her new album is great.
    Also went to Godzilla for date night this week! Can't beat a bitta lizard action!

    XO, G from grace'd

  2. Ah we're together nearly 11 years and date nights are always fab, dying to see Godzilla!


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