May 18, 2014

This Week... #10

I've started a new job this week and so far, so good! I'm really happy with how the first week went and I'm settling into a new routine nicely. This week was all about getting organised, relaxing and catching up with some of my favourite people!

On Wednesday, myself and Sinéad met up with Orla for a much-needed catchup (over some delicious French grub!) before she returns to Galway! It's been great having such a nice bloggy friend here in Dublin and we're really going to miss having here nearer to us. Oh, and if you go to Chez Max - get the French onion soup. It does not disappoint.

This has to have been my favourite online read of the week. Waking up like Dita Von Teese isn't exactly within the realms of possibility pour moi, but she is one of my make-up idols and I've always enjoyed reading about her.

I am constantly obsessed with highlighter - it has to be one of my number one beauty products -  and it seems that every summer, the obsession goes into overdrive. Last year I was all about (and still love) Laura Mercier's limited edition Spellbound highlighter, and I think this summer's standout will be this babe of a product from Dior. I've yet to swatch it but it looks insanely beautiful and the shade isn't like anything I already own. Dior are responsible for one of my favourite highlighters of all time, Amber Diamond, so I have seriously high hopes for this gem. Oh, and it comes with a cute little kabuki which kind of offsets the insane price.... kind of.

I couldn't let this post pass without mentioning the amazing gel polish I had done in J Nails on Capel Street the other week. It was definitely one of the best I've ever had - application was spot-on and the picture above was taken after about twelve days' wear time, and they're still perfect. Oh, and I paid for it myself, etc, etc. I've a guest post over on Sue's blog coming up during the week all about the different salons I've gone to for Shellac/gel polish over the last year or so, so if you're interested keep an eye out!


  1. J Nails is the best spot for manis!!

  2. I'm gonna be so sad not to be near to yourselves and that fab onion soup too! ;)


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