May 06, 2014

Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Review

The struggle is real for me when it comes to producing scent reviews that are even half-readable, but I couldn't overlook this beauty and not give it a proper feature. I'm sure many of you will have smelled or owned this, but I'm quite new to Jo Malone and, let me tell you, I've fallen hard for Blackberry and Bay since purchasing it back in March.

I wouldn't consider myself to be a massive fan of sweet scents, and especially blackberry notes - I hated Lancome Trésor Midnight Rose, for example - but this a soured-down, fresher version of a sweet ingredient thanks to the bay. There's something kind of tart and addictive about this fragrance that has me almost wanting to drink the stuff... almost! To me, it smells very clean and slightly warm. If there was such thing as a designer fabric conditioner, I'd imagine it to smell something like this - if that makes even an ounce of sense.

I find this fragrance to be incredibly comforting and easy-to-wear, meaning that it must mesh well with my own skin's chemistry. It's not super-strong but sits well on me, and I've loved spraying it (sparingly!) on scarves, too. I feel very put-together and confident wearing this; it's been my scent of choice for any occasion for a while now, from boring days to nights out and everything in between; meetings, interviews and so on.

If you're looking for a fresh fragrance for summer that isn't too jarring and won't bother you throughout the day, this is it. I am hooked on Jo Malone for life now; next on my agenda is definitely Dark Amber and Ginger Lily although suggestions for a more summer-appropriate scent are more than welcome!

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