May 27, 2014

Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder in Golden Light: Review

Bronzer is a bit of a tricky one to get right when you're as pale as myself and Sinéad are. I am, as a general rule, extremely fussy about what bronzers I use and have only found a handful that I like and that suit my skintone. I've almost used up my old favourite (Clarins Bronzing Duo) as well as my contour blush of choice (MAC Baby Don't Go), so felt like it was time to try something new. I should probably also mention that I bought this in a frenzy of self-pity after a terrible job interview a few weeks back - I presume I'm not the only emotional shopper out there?!

I'd heard a lot of great things about Bobbi Brown bronzing powders from both my own friends and from people on YouTube, so settled on their bronzer in Golden Light. This is a fantastic bronzer for any of you paler people; at €34.50 from Brown Thomas, it isn't a budget item, but I think the price is fair considering the sheer quality and amount of product you're getting.

If you want a bronzer to look natural and credible, it must be matte, and this is as non-sparkly as they come. I know that some people like and can get away with bronzers with a bit of shimmer, but they just look ridiculous on me. The beauty of a matte bronzer like this is that it is so blendable and foolproof; I can contour with this using a smaller cheek brush, or I can go in with a larger one (like the one pictured, from Blank Canvas Cosmetics), and dust around the perimeter of my face without looking ridiculous.

The undertone of this shade (Golden Light) is also fantastic for me; it has enough grey in it to act as a slight contour, and enough warmth in it to still do what a bronzer should do: make me look healthier and a little more tanned and glowy. Chunky, glossy, satisfying packaging rounds out what is a great buy in my book. There is a mirror in the compact (always appreciated) and it closes in a really satisfying way - it's the little things. If you're pale or, equally, if you just want a believable-looking bronzer, this is a complete winner.


  1. This sounds perfect for me! Like you I struggle to find that perfect balance of grey and warmth.
    Would love to see it on you :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Sounds great for the pale among us!

  3. I adore Bobbi Brown bronzers! They do the best shades, they're not too yellow and just look like the perfect natural tanned skin. Such fantastic products!

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog

  4. I've been looking everywhere for a decent matte bronzer that isn't orange because I'm super pale too and anything with even a hint of orange tones makes me look ridiculous. Thanks for the recommendation - I'll try and finds somewhere I can have a swatch!

    Jaq @


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