April 27, 2014

This Week...#7

This week has been busy and I found myself wishing more than once that there were more hours in the day! The sad thing is, it wasn't even busy for an exciting reason so, this instalment of This Week could be rather boring I'm afraid! 

Heavy coverage...who knew I would come over to the dark side! Generally a proponent of lighter, glowier coverage, I have really been appreciating how the cream formula of the new Dermablend foundation works with my stubborn dry patches. No unsightly settling or flaky bits. I'll have a review up on this later this week! 

Game of Thrones... Yes, I am late to the party but, I think I've more than made up for lost time! Since starting GoT a week ago, I am almost halfway through season three! Granted, I wouldn't have made such good progress were it not for the long Easter weekend but, yep, pretty proud of my dedication!! in the air! I could have been anywhere in the world last weekend with my shades on and a glass of white in my had and it reminded me how much good a little hit of Vitamin D can be for the body! Now, roll on August and holidays!

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  1. Very intrigued to hear about the Dermablend! I usually afford cream formulas like the plague so I'm very keen to hear your thoughts! :)




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