April 06, 2014

This Week... #4

Another exhausting week down! I'm struggling to juggle everything at the moment but hopefully that will improve after I hand in my thesis - after presenting on it on Friday, I'm on the home stretch now! Again, I can't say I've been doing anything uber-thrilling this week but I'm pretty satisfied with how everything is going and excited to get properly back into blogging in a few weeks. It'll never be the biggest part of my life but, I miss being able to devote more time to it all the same!

1. Shorter Hair...  The busier I am, the more thankful I am that I got a good few inches chopped off my mop a few weeks ago now. For years I was obsessed with keeping my hair as long as possible, so this was a bit of a change, but I just love it. I can dry my hair in ten minutes and it looks presentable without getting the straighteners out. This has never happened before! I wasn't sure if I'd keep it this length for long (my hair grows like a weed), but now I know I'll definitely be heading back in a couple of weeks for another trim!

2. Hourglass Intrigue... I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Hourglass as a brand, and I'm definitely not the only one. This was confirmed when they tweeted this picture and myself, Sinéad and Sarah immediately agreed that, as long as it's not just a re-issue of the Ambient Lighting Palette, we'd probably order it blind. I'm thinking it might be some kind of blush or contour palette?!

3. Cocoa Mirage... This week I finally bit the bullet and got my hands on the gorgeous Cocoa Mirage palette by Tom Ford. This is way out of my price range and I definitely do not think it is worth €70 but, I had a voucher so it was kind of a bit of a no-brainer. I adore warm brown shades so have really enjoyed playing with this so far and will be sure to review it in full soon. If you have a voucher to spend, this is definitely a treat to consider!

4. Winning!

I had absolutely nothing planned for my day yesterday morning when I won brunch at San Lorenzo's on Twitter. It was a welcome surprise and my boyfriend and I really enjoyed it - I'll be back to try their dinner menu!

5. Nostalgia c/o ChelseaWears...

This video is hilarious. I've been watching Chelsea for a good year or so but had never seen this one before I clicked on it this week. If you grew up in the nineties and early noughties, you will definitely relate!


  1. The hair looks great! Walking out of the hurrdressers with a fresh cut you actually like, doesn't get much better. :)



  2. Very pretty, the hair is so fresh! :)

  3. Yep Luvin' the hair! Really suits you.
    Envious of the Tom Ford palette....:)

  4. Good luck on the thesis presentation, eeeeek!! I am overly excited by the Hourglass newbie...imagine an Ambient Lighting Blush Palette?!!!!!!!!! And I just received Cocoa Mirage from Selfridges today!!!

  5. Your hair looks gorgeous Dee! It really suits you at this length! Dying to know what the Hourglass palette is, I've only tried their Opaque Rouges, I'm dying to pop out to Dundrum and have a look at the Hourglass counter again. Best of luck with the Thesis presentation, can't believe it's been so long since I did mine!

    Emma x


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