April 08, 2014

The Transformers

Skincare has come to be one of my favourite subjects to blog about. My own skin is difficult even at the best of times and I've really enjoyed sharing what works and doesn't work on my blemish-prone, oily and dehyrated skin type. I've mentioned these products before at least in passing, but as a trio, these have got me through a horrible winter and, well, kept my skin sane, basically.

What these three all have in common is their transformative effect. Every time I use a product like this, I am really happy with how hydrated and glowy my skin looks the next morning. Incorporating hydrating products like these into my routine - even oil-based ones - has done wonders to keep my skin balanced; not too dehydrated, not too oily.

Kinvara Rosehip Face Serum: I raved about this last year and promptly went and bought a new one at the start of the winter to keep my skin in check as the cold set in. I love everything about this - the light, yet oily texture, the yummy citrus scent, the natural ingredients - I can use this even when my skin is highly irritated without worrying. One of my top skincare products of all time.
(€28 from here or Nourish health food shops)

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-In-Oil:
Again, not the first time this product has made it onto the blog but I don't test every skincare item that comes my way these days. I've a great routine and I don't want to upset it for the sake of a a few more half-hearted reviews - I'd rather focus on what's great and definitely worth buying. This is quite similar to the Kinvara product but more heavily scented. I love this and my skin has been drinking it up - I'd say this and the Kinvara are very similar (both excellent) but Kinvara just pips it to the post as I prefer the scent.
(€22 from The Body Shop)

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask:
I've had hits and misses with Origins in the past - their Charcoal Mask disappointed me, for instance - but this is seriously fabulous and really agrees with my skin. I picked up the travel size from Boots in Liffey Valley and, three months on, I don't think I'm even half-way through it despite constant use. It smells like apricot yogurt, makes my skin glow and I've since bought it for my Mam for Mother's Day - she really likes it too, so a double seal of approval for this one!
(€30.50 for the full size here)

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  1. Good to know there's a travel size of the Origins mask, think I'll invest in that first!


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