April 03, 2014

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review

I can't deal with how good this concealer is. It's the product that's gotten me really excited about drugstore makeup again and for that, Sarah, I am forever in your debt.

This is the best budget concealer I've used since Collection Lasting Perfection and the two are basically on a par for me. I use the Collection one quite a lot to brighten under my eyes and er, most of the area under the undereye area (and since I got a fresh one I can say I think I prefer it to the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but that's another post in itself).

This Seventeen concealer (incidentally, the second product with a crap name that I've blogged about this week) is stronger on blemishes and imperfections. It is incredibly creamy, quite brightening and will just generally smooth over anything ugly quite well - even big pores. It is labelled as a heavy duty under eye concealer - I have used it under the eyes and liked it but definitely prefer it as a spot eraser, because it is capable of doing just that.

This lasts very well on me, and is nice and small with a mirror in the lid - so perfect to throw in my bag if I've a really terrible spot that might need a bit of monitoring throughout the day... or if I just need the comfort of a concealer in my bag - as nine times out of ten, I won't bother or don't have the time to touch up.

The only bad thing about this concealer is the fact that it comes in a very limited shade range. There is just three but happily Fair is an excellent match for me, and probably would be for a lot of pale Irish girls. It's quite salmon-y but I find it still works great on spots. For €6.99, I couldn't ask for much more anyways!


  1. This sounds interesting....

    Just a side note, your names don't show up at the end of blog posts anymore, don't know which of you is reviewing product.... :-)

  2. Go Seventeen! A seriously underrated brand. Very tempted by the NARS concealer but I'm going to hold off until I read your upcoming post!

  3. I really like this concealer too. I find it too heavy for under the eyes as it creases and cakes but it's great for spots!




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