April 16, 2014

Neutral Blush and Me

When it comes to neutral-toned blush, I am powerless. If you tell me that a particular one is good, I will absolutely buy it. I have no filter, no logic, no level of reason when a beautiful rose-brown blush is dangled in front of me. And, I'm okay with that. Nine times out of ten, I will reach for a neutral blush. Sure, I have others (I'm otherwise partial to peach blush) but, the effect a neutral blush gives is unparalleled and, while they may look drab and uninspiring in the pan, they are the most transformative make-up product you can use. Let me take you through my collection...

MAC Prism was the first blush of this type I bought. I wanted something that was a little warmer and a little less brown than MAC Harmony and so, Prism was selected. You can't see it in that picture (it's the single pan top left) but there is a huge dent where I went to town on it day-after-day. This isn't strong enough for me to use as a contour anymore but, for a subtle warmth, Prism is your only man.

Hourglass Mood Exposure is one of the Ambient Lighting Blushes and my most recent neutral blush purchase. If I'm being honest, it's probably my favourite of the lot too. Every single time I wear this, someone compliments me on it. It has that special ability to both shade and illuminate the face and, without even trying to contour, you are left with gorgeously high looking cheekbones. The base colour is most akin to Tarte Exposed in that it's a plummy neutral so, if you can't get one, get the other!

MAC Tenderling has been neglected by me over the last few years and I'm not too sure why. It's basically Prism's lighter, more pink cousin and looks ever so dainty on the cheeks. I used to love wearing this with a high coverage foundation that took all the natural redness out of my skin as it allowed the pink underones of Tenderling to really come through for that gorgeous English Rose effect.

Tarte Exposed is the blush I mentioned above as a semi-dupe for Mood Exposure. It is probably one of the most famous blushes in the world and for good reason. The flat tawny plum is instantly sculpting and insanely flattering. It also has an extremely longwearing formula that doesn't fade throughout the day. I wore this blush almost everyday for a year and it just gets better with age. 

MAC Baby Don't Go is part of the ProLongwear blush line and is one that every single one of you need in your collection. It's probably the brownest of the bunch and so can double as a great contour shade. This is a blush that came heavily recommended by MAC Senior Artist Lesley Keane and it's easily in my Top 5 blushes of all time. 

Chanel Accent was a limited edition blush around Christmas but, you may still be able to find it on-counter if you ask them to rummage through some drawers. It looks like a shimmery, glittery, baked mess in the pan but, on the skin it gives almost a golden iridescence which I have never achieved with any other blush. Paired with Baby Don't Go, it is the ultimate neutral cheek.

I always thought that all my neutral blushes were "the same" but, seeing them laid out like that, I realise that they are all subtly different and special in their own right. I think NARS Doucer and MAC Cubic are next on my list! 


  1. I want the Hourglass one so badly now!

  2. Mac Tenderling sounds so delightful. Will have to give it a swatch!


  3. Ive been looking for a neutral blush in Mac for a while now and I never even thought of Tenderling! Must go have a look at it!

  4. Definitely a girl after my own heart, I love a neutral blush! You've got some gorgeous shades here x


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