April 29, 2014

MAC Prep + Prime CC Crème in Adjust - Review & Swatches

If you don't want to read through this entire review, let me just open by saying that I thought I'd hate this but it's actually fantastic, and I can see a lot of people using and loving it. The new MAC Prep + Prime CC Colour Correct collection is out now (and will be staying in the permanent line, FYI). If you've seen it in stores already, you'll know that it's a fairly confusing array of coloured CC creams and powders, designed to correct, brighten or lift skintones.

The product I have is the CC Crème in Adjust* - and, having had a good look at the other creams on offer, I feel like this is the one that will suit the vast majority of people, even if, like me, you aren't particularly interested in the whole BB, CC spiel.

So what makes this special? It is definitely colour correcting, it is a multi-tasker, and there's a host of other benefits as well:

It's not greasy. I have oily skin and that is primarily what has put me off the bulk of BB and CC creams so far - the bulk of them slide off my face within a couple of hours. This applies beautifully, sets nicely to a satin finish and doesn't feel overly tacky or oily on the skin.

It has an SPF of 30 - meaning that when I use this, I don't need any other SPF. Sun protection has come to be a bit of an obsession for me and it's really nice to have it incorporated into my base this way.

It acts as a wonderful primer for foundation. My base lasts considerably longer with this underneath, and I've actually been finding it hard not to use this as a primer every single day. I had to stop for a bit in order to give Chanel Perfection Lumière Velvet a fair trial (more on that very soon, by the way), but since then I've been back to using a bit of this under makeup almost every single day

- It evens out my skintone and masks redness. 'Adjust' is supposed to be a unifying shade (I'd say it'd work on most people up to NC35 or so) that brightens up skin and just kind of pulls everything together nicely. I definitely notice the brightening effect, but it's not shimmery or anything - it also noticeably fades my acne scarring, meaning that I use less foundation than usual.

On good skin days, I can get away with this, concealer and powder if I want to keep things casual. It still won't last forever, mind, but it is a viable option for me, looks convincingly like skin and doesn't oxidise weirdly or anything as time passes.

Suffice to say that this has been a total winner for me and I would repurchase straight away if I lost this tomorrow. I'm genuinely surprised as this is something I wouldn't have bought voluntarily at all - it's great when that happens! I feel like this is a product a lot of you mightn't have necessarily been interested in, either, but I can see so many people getting on with this as it's so multi-purpose. I have checked out the other shades but would still recommend Adjust as a starting point - I'm seriously considering the powder next!

MAC Prep + Prime CC Crèmes are £29 here!


  1. I'm really pale - do you think this would be too dark for me or does it also work on lighter tones too? I'm an NC15 btw. Thanks for the review!

    Jaq @

  2. Hi Jaq I am an NC15 or even paler and it works extremely well on me!

  3. I'm confused about the whole CC thing. Are they supposed to be used alone like a tinted moisturiser or as a primer for foundation? Do you find it very heavy if you use this in conjunction with foundation? It sounds really great! Never would have considered a CC cream but you may have just convinced me :)



  4. Awesome Deirdre, thank you so much for replying to me! I'll have a test next time I hit a MAC counter! xxx

  5. Great review! Gonna try out CC creams for the summer I think x


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