April 21, 2014

Essie Spring 2014

I hope you all had a gorgeous Easter weekend? The sun was shining in Dublin and I was able to take some blog photos outside for the first time this year which was more exciting that I care to admit! The Essie Spring 2014* (€9.99) collection proved to be a perfectly apt subject for this little photo shoot and I wanted to share it with you in all its glory. 

Inspired by our collective love of Instagram and taking the odd selfie, Essie have released a six-part edit of perfect pastels and exotic brights to help you drag your mind out of winter hues and looking towards the more vibrant palette of summer. My hands and nails are in a terrible state at the moment so, I wasn't sure whether to include shots of the shades in action but, I know they can be helpful so, please do excuse my poor, beat-up hands!

Spin the Bottle is described as a "semi-sheer nude". This is quite a pink-based nude and would suit fairer skintones the most. It took two even coats to achieve opacity but, one will give you the semi-sheer look Essie describe.

Romper Room is a "pale tea rose pink". It's very much a milky pink and the formula and colour are such that it requires a lot of precision and even coats to avoid it looks mottled or streaky on the nails.

Fashion Playground is a "plucky pistachio shimmer" and will be one of the more popular shades of the six I would say. However, I would describe this as a true mint green as opposed to pistachio which is a shame as it could have been a really great, unique shade.

Truth or Flare is billed as a "vintage blue denim" and that's definitely what it is. Think faded jeans that have weathered and slightly greyed over time. This is a gorgeous, cool blue that is extremely unique and unlike anything I have seen before.

Hide & Go Chic is a "covetable azure blue". Normally, these bright navy-ish blues steal my heart but, there is something a bit off about this one for me. I think it might be leaning a little too green, dulling it down a touch.

Style Hunter is a "laser sharp crimson" and what I would consider to be the safety shade of the bunch. This is pretty but, nothing remarkable and one that can be duped ten times over.

This is a gorgeous stop-gap collection that will neatly bridge the gap between the dusky shades of winter and the bold colours we love for summer. Some of the shades are a bit samey and, as a whole, the collection isn't anything new. However, I think everyone will find something they like here which is all Essie care about - catering to the masses and not reinventing the wheel. My picks? The faded denim Truth or Flare and the ever-so-basic Spin the Bottle. 


  1. i love this collection ;))

  2. I have Romper Room and I love the colour but you're right it takes a bit of practice to get it even!

  3. Style Hunter is easily my fave colour in a very long time. I had some isshews with Hide & Go Chic but nathin' Seche Vite didn't sort out. All hail Seche Vite :)

  4. Spin the bottle or Fashion Playground for me please! Mind you, the pinky nude is quite like a Laura Mericer one I still have and use. Aren't Essie owned by L'oreal? the new L'oreal spring pastelish ones looked very nice too in another post I thought.

  5. The blues! Such beautiful blues!!!


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