March 08, 2014

Wet 'n' Wild: The Good & Bad

Wet 'n' Wild arrived in Ireland with a flurry of excitement this year. In case you've been sleeping under a rock, stands carrying the brand have cropped up all over the country in Dunnes, Penneys, pharmacies and other outlets, and happily, the prices are still very low on this side of the Atlantic. Whilst I was definitely delighted to see an American "drugstore" brand wing its way to the Emerald Isle, I didn't go mad picking bits up as soon as they got here, as I was lucky enough to own a few of their best items already. Since then, I've received a few products from the launch and also picked up a random lipstick, so here's my take on what's hit and what's miss...

Eyeshadow Palettes

I guess this is what Wet 'n' Wild are best known for - their incredibly pigmented eyeshadow palettes. Their shadows are just the best ones I've ever used from a pharmacy brand, and pretty much the only "cheap" ones that I do genuinely use. I'm huge on warm browns and ivory shades, so the Walking on Eggshells trio is a favourite of mine. The Comfort Zone palette is brilliant value even if you don't end up using all of the colours - I'm mad about the deep, dark shimmery brown in it, and the shade down on the bottom right-hand corner is a pretty excellent dupe for MAC's Club eyeshadow.

Lip Color - Rose Bud

I picked this up in a bit of a rush in Penneys last week (there's a Wet and Wild stand in the Mary Street branch in Dublin, FYI), and I absolutely love it. I've become obsessed with these rosy, mid-toned pink shades of lipstick because they aren't quite a nude, but do fit the bill for a toned-down daytime shade. I love this colour and the formula lasts really well on me without being drying; the packaging isn't great but when I'm getting change from a fiver, I'm not going to argue!

Mega Protein Mascara*

This is a decidedly average mascara. It's reliable in that it does not clump at all on me - I also enjoy the little hedgehog brush. It's pretty black, lasts fine, separates my lashes, looks good for day wear, but there is no oomph or volume-building here whatsoever.  A decent mascara to have on hand or pick up in a squeeze - just don't expect miracles!

Mega Last Nail Polish*

I love bright lavenders and purples on my nails and so, was dying to apply this shade (On A Trip). I appreciate the fan brush but the bristles on my one are a bit too splayed; a normal thin one would actually have been better. The formula's good but not fantastic - it was hard to apply in thin coats due to to poor quality of the brush. Maybe mine's a dud but I don't think I'll be picking up another of these.

Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner*

First off, I think that brow and eyeliner pencils are completely different beasts, so will have to disagree with even the name of this product! You'll see from the below swatch that this pencil is very well pigmented, but that's kind of where the party ends. It smeared and ran on me like no other - and usually pencil will stay quite well on my eyes, even kohls. It's a no from me on this one - but kudos for the extremely long pencil. I might try a lipliner next and see are they any better!

Swatched: Rose Bud lipstick, bottom 3 left shades from the Comfort Zone palette, Color Icon Brow & Eye Liner in black


  1. Agree 100% (eyeshadows and lipsticks are the only worthwhile products, though I have heard that the blushes/bronzers are good too but haven't actually tried them) I always raid WnW when in the states so I'm glad to see it a little closer to home :) Love the new look to ladies! x

  2. Great review. Will pick up the mascara For. Day time

  3. Comfort Zone palette, I'm coming for you :) Great post girls, thanks so much for sorting the good from the meh....



  4. Sounds like my bedtime routine too! I have an app that allows me to design my own relaxation music - knocks me right out! x

  5. One of my favourites is MAC Brickola - you probably have it given your penchant for MAC lip products, I love it especially as a subtle every day red on pale skins and it's a luster finish, pretty much the only formula I like! :)

  6. Ah thank you! I am curious about the blushes too. Let us know if you're after anything x

  7. I tried the Brow & Eye Liner on my brows but was really disappointed. Perfect shade (dark brown) but its waxy consistency made it difficult to use and within an hour it had smeared, not a good look!

  8. You should try the purple waterproof mascara, I love it!

  9. Thanks Fiona! They are both indispensable to me!

  10. That's amazing Lisa, what's the app called?

  11. It's a gorgeous product Eimear! Thanks so much!

  12. It's called Relax M. - there's loads of sounds like waves, windchimes, light rain, stormy rain, rain in the city :P and zen music - and you layer them on top of each other to suit your mood. Knocks me right out :)


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