Video ¦ What's in my Makeup Bag?

March 01, 2014

Today I've a quick video about what's built up in my makeup bag over the last few weeks - it's a bit ridiculous, I promise I did a clearout after the video! All of these make-up bits are products that have been in my rotation quite a lot and are well-loved, so hopefully this makes for an interesting watch...


  1. great video

  2. Your makeup looks so flawless here (as always hehe). In love with your makeup bag (Zara swooon) and all the loots, so jealous :)


  3. Good post. I love these kind of posts!
    Actually watched this one while cross training on the bike in the gym Lol 
    I honestly thought the last 2 items (mascraca brushes) were going to be more Lipsticks!!!! Haha


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