March 06, 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer ¦ Review

Rimmel is a brand that I am sure has a place in almost everyone's makeup collection. It's one of my top "drugstore" brands and I really favour their eyeliners, lipsticks and nail polishes in particular - and now, this primer. Before I go any further, can we take a moment to appreciate the packaging? It's amazing what a new font and a bit of a general re-vamp can do for a brand, and I really like how sleek and aesthetically pleasing this little tube is. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it doesn't look very cheap or flimsy like a lot of budget make-up items can - and for that, Rimmel are getting major brownie points from me.
It's all very well enjoying the packaging of a new product, but what about the stuff itself? For a mattifying primer - this is quite creamy and emollient in terms of texture, and it just looks like a normal white cream, similar to Clarins Beauty Flash Balm. It feels a touch hydrating but when you rub it in, it does dry to a slightly matte finish. Nothing too dry or unworkable, mind - just a satisfyingly smooth, demi-matte skin, which makes the perfect canvas for any foundation.

I've stated before that there are few primers out there that actually make a difference in terms of extending the wear of whatever make-up you apply over it. Happily, this is one of them. Without drying my skin out or making my face feel overly slippy and silicone-y, it seems to help my skin to hold on to foundation for just that little bit longer. I think this would be particularly useful if, like me, you have oily skin and need something to lock a foundation that isn't formulated specifically for your skin type into place.

For €7.95 this is a brilliant product, and one that I will most likely buy again when it runs out. I like it a lot more than many high-end primers, including the much-lauded Smashbox Photofinish - how's that for an accolade?!


  1. Rimmel has many great products and it seriously frustrates me that it has been discontinued in Malaysia!

  2. I've heard so many good thinks about this product! I'll have to try it out!

    Emma x

  3. Agreed! This is the only primer I've been using since I bought it. Love it. X

  4. Wow, I'll have to try it. I have major problems getting makeup to stay on for any length of time as it's so humid here in Brisbane, but for that price it's worth a shot.

  5. Very interesting! Rimmel are really upping their game. Soo many great products! Would you recommend this for somebody with normal to slightly dry skin? I don't have flaky dry patches or anything thank goodness but my skin does get quite tight sometimes after using certain primers? I'm using the L'Oreal True Match foundation and would love to find the perfect primer to use with it :)


  6. I am really loving Rimmel at the moment - I've been using this primer for the last number of week and it really is a great primer!

  7. Thank god I've been on the hunt for ages x


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