March 03, 2014

MAC Perfect Topping MSF ¦ Video + Review

MAC was the brand that made me fall in love with make-up. At one point, MAC was the sole make-up brand in my collection and I could recite every eyeshadow I owned by name and tell what year each different collection came out in. Now, my palette has developed and I love many, many make-up brands but, there will always be a soft spot in my heart for a new piece of MAC.

MAC Fantasy of Flowers collection hit counters late last week and I was sent one of the Mineralize Skinfinishes from the collection to try. This is Perfect Topping (€29.50)*, a champagne gold highlight with some mauve and bronze veining baked in. The other MSF in the collection is the famous Stereo Rose which I have had for years and you can see my thoughts on that product here. I filmed a video to accompany this blog post so, hope you like it!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinishes are one of those cult MAC products that every "guru" worth their salt seemed to have five or six years ago. However, as the beauty market surged ahead with new, shiny products to play with, MSFs seemed to fall to the wayside. However, using Perfect Topping for the first time reminded me just how lovely these baked powders are.

MAC describe Perfect Topping as a "pale, pearlised pink". Em, no. It is most definitely a member of the champagne family with, at a push, some rose undertones but, it is categorically not pink. There is a definite pale bronze base with both pale gold and mauve veining. The mauve veining is probably what makes me like this so much on myself as it adds a hint of coolness to an otherwise very warm product.

On my pink-toned skin, it pulls very golden and almost serves to make me look sunkissed which, I assure you, I never am. In the video and these pictures I have paired it with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure which is a very neutral plummy brown and I find that the gold in Perfect Topping really brings out the depth of Mood Exposure which earns an A+ from me because, I love anything that loves Mood Exposure!

As I mention in the video, Perfect Topping is very finely milled with a subtle shimmer but, crucially, no chunky glitter as some MSFs are prone to having. The one issue I feel some of you may have with Perfect Topping is that it is nothing like the original which was out many moons ago. That was definitely a "pearlised pale pink" with definite cool blue undertones but, this is the complete opposite; warm, subtle and supremely flattering on paler skin.


  1. Looks really beautiful! Really flattering on your skintone :) Who doesn't love a good MSF ;)


  2. So so fucking pretty!

    Ailbhe :)


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