March 18, 2014

La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+ Review

Skincare has been my top priority over the last few months. After a horrific breakout in December (probably one of the worst I've had in a few years), I was a woman on a major mission to improve my skin. I did mention in my last Skincare Routine video that a retinol cream from La Roche-Posay - Redermic R - had worked wonders for me. I still stand by this product but when Effaclar Duo +* arrived, I was beyond excited and decided to ditch the retinol for a while in order to give this a fair trial.

I was a huge lover of the original (and still available) Effaclar Duo a while ago, but as I've said before, it kind of stopped working on me which caused me to move on to retinol. As Redermic R had been such a major breakthrough for me, I wasn't really expecting Duo+ to wow me, even though it had been getting rave reviews from UK bloggers. I was sad to be putting retinol to one side as I'd been so enamoured with the results, but as an Effaclar advocate and skincare nerd, I was interested to see how and if it would compare at all.

Let me say that I think this is a brilliant skincare product, and it is working for me. The idea behind Duo+ is that it is meant to work on acne scarring as well as spots themselves. Scarring is something that I have always struggled with, and it has often really upset me that red scars have left my face looking spotty and angry even on the rare occasion that I have no active breakouts at all. It's a bit of a raw deal and something that knocked my confidence a fair amount. This product, teamed with quite a lot of acidic toners and masks, has worked really well and although my scarring has by no means disappeared, it has improved. My skin looks far more even in texture that it usually would and I'm very happy.

In terms of actual blemishes, I have not had one breakout since I've started using this. Again, I would also attribute this to a good, consistent skincare routine with a lot of chemical exfoliating, but I have been using Effaclar Duo+ every night without fail (bar one night after a few drinks) for about three and a half weeks now, so I think it is fair to say that is must be helping to keep spots at bay as well as reducing scarring. I always apply a moisturiser or treatment on top - this paired with the Body Shop's Vitamin E Oil-in-Serum is a bit of a killer combo, actually.

So to finish up, this is a fantastic product and I recommend it to you all without hesitation. It feels somehow gentler to me than the original Effaclar Duo, and it's not too dear at €19.99 - especially bearing in mind that you do not need to use a lot at a time. Going back to my love affair with retinol, I am happy to keep using this until it is gone and then return to Redermic. The main difference between the two for me (and I'm no scientist) is that retinol is more of a resurfacer as well as a spot solution, and can also work very well on lines and wrinkles. If you're having skin and acne woes, I'd try this before Redermic because it is €15 cheaper and works a treat!

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  1. I'm a huuuuuuuuuuge fan of the Efficlar Duo so I really want to try this. I agree with your scarring problems too, my face can be spot free but still look ghastly due to red scars that just linger and will not disappear! Fingers crossed this helps alleviate the nasty feckers! :)




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