March 21, 2014

Formula X For Sephora

Eeeeek! Look, look, American beauty products...oooh! Honestly, that was not too far off my reaction when I opened these babies on my birthday earlier this week. My aunt, Clare, got me two of the Formula X For Sephora nail polishes and I couldn't be more thrilled. I also couldn't be more angry that we haven't a hope in hell of getting the brand here anytime soon because, boy oh boy, are these two special little bottles.

The Formula X polishes have been making quite a name for themselves in the beauty community as they are highly pigmented, high shine long-wearing nail polishes that are argued to rival the likes of Shellac and Gelish in terms of longevity. The brand say that they have taken the highest standards of nail polish wearers and have delivered on them all in one bottle. 

I have two shades; Omni and Pyrotechnic. Omni is described as a "beach ball blue", whatever that means, and is effectively a bright, pure royal blue. It is my answer to missing out on the likes of Essie Butler, Please and Nails Inc Baker Street. Pyrotechnic is a true "dynamite red" or, by my standards, the most perfect red ever.

While the colours are great, the formula is stupendous. What you see above is one coat with no top coat. It applies seamlessly with no streaking and the colour is absolutely true to the shade you seen in the bottle. There's definitely almost a gel formula to these polishes which I love. The only downside for me is the brush. It's not the wide, one-swipe-and-you're-done brush that I love, rather it is a more hairy, looser packed brush that is prone to splaying. Overall though, I can't recommend the Formula X For Sephora line enough. Now just to find someone who is going to bring me some more back from the States!


  1. I've got a few of these that I picked up in the states and I really like them too. I'm not sure if it was the Sephora I visited though (in Texas) but there didn't seem to be a great range of shades available. Either way it's such a shame we can't get the brand here :(

  2. Oh really? I think when the line first launched there were very few shades but, it looks like there are hundreds on Sephora now so, maybe they expanded? They are lovely though!

  3. Holy mother, it looks so good with just one coat! :D




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