March 19, 2014

Forgotten Products

I was going to approach this post as a follow-up to my 'Overrated' posts last year but, then I realised that these products weren't overrated, rather they were underused and that was my fault. There's nothing wrong with these products but, it's an inevitability when you are so into make-up as many of us are that some things get pushed aside and easily forgotten. It's my hope that, by sharing this post with you, it will encourage me to dig deeper into my beauty drawer and not just stick with the same products day in and day out.

The Sleek Pout Paints are probably the one product here that I would nearly verge on saying are overrated. I snapped the four of these up in London the year they were released and, subsequently, never went near them. It's not that they are bad but, they aren't conducive to daily use. You need to carry a lip brush with you and deal pigment stains on the back of your hand after applying and apply just the right amount or else you risk your lips dripping halfway down your chin! That being said, some of the shades are beyond gorgeous and there's no reason that I shouldn't use them when I don't need to be touching up etc. 

Hands up who remembers the MAC Semi-Precious collection from 2011? That was the first time I had personally witnessed the hysteria that could surround a beauty product and, yes I was a part of it! Of course I am talking about the MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Golden Gaze (similar here). Myself and Dee both picked this up (along with Smoked Ruby) and cherished them like children once we realised that people were picking them up from eBay and beyond for two and three times the price. Sadly, both of mine have sat untouched in a drawer since 2011 and that's unacceptable. Golden Gaze, in particular, is really bloody special and deserves an outing very soon in all it's antiquey gold glory!

On the blush front, there are two that I bought and loved and wore repeatedly but, then mysteriously forgot all about. The MAC Cremeblend Blush in Optmistic Orange (similar here) was from the uber-popular 2012 Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection and it is absolutely gorgeous for summertime. It gives skin the most perfect coral glow and the Cremeblend formula melts seamlessly into the skin. I hang my head in shame at forgetting all about the Tom Ford Cheek Colour in Flush. Buying this for myself was such a treat given the price and I basically regarded it as something of a make-up god. Fast forward two years and I am embarrassed at abandoning's currently sitting in my make-up bag, ready to be used! 

Do you find that you forget genuinely great make-up products? 


  1. I thought the Pout Pastes were crappy - SO overrated!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. Flush is stunning!!! And it's sitting in my Selfridges basket ready for pay day LOL. I recently discovered that I had the Burberry eyeshadow single in Mulberry. I bought this in a flurry of makeup purchases at the end of 2012, and promptly lost all recollection of its purchase. I was going through my generally under used Burberry stash a couple of weeks ago and realised I owned Mulberry. I am actually sporting it today!!! For me it's a blessing that all of the pastel pink Spring makeup releases do absolutely nothing for me this year, so I've been shopping and enjoying my stash. Actually so much more gratifying than constantly chasing the next new release.

  3. I have lots of neglected make up (mainly single eyeshadows -& more so since the palette craze) and I've also got a Mac Mineralize (golden) eyeshadow!

  4. I have that little red Pout Paint on the left, think I've only used it once due to the effort it demands. One product I always forget about is eyeshadow, I'm more of a liquid eyeliner girl but I'm trying to branch out a bit & experiment more.


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