March 17, 2014

Brand Focus: Kiko

I wouldn't usually do a brand focus on a brand that is not available in Ireland. However, I figure that, with summer coming up and Kiko being so widely available throughout Europe, it's worth sharing what I consider to be the best of the brand. Just to kick this off, let me start by saying that, if you see and Kiko store and don't go in, you are missing out. It's pretty much the same quality as Inglot and definitely not a far cry from MAC standards but, happily, without the high price points. If only, if only they would bring it this side of the Irish Sea! 

The brushes are always my first port-of-call when I find myself in a Kiko store. The are top quality, generally synthetic and perform really well. I have a few but, there are two I use every single day; #204 angled brush and #106 duo fibre brush. I have yet to find a better brush for brows than the #204. It is super precise and strikes the perfect balance between firm and flexible - I only wish I had bought more of them so I didn't have to clean it so frequently! The #106 is my go-to brush for mineral or baked blushes and, currently, I am using it practically everyday with the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush. It disperses product really evenly and, because it is a duo-fibre, it doesn't make skin look muddy. 

The Kiko lip product line-up is extensive and, though I only have a couple of them in my collection, they perform on par with some of my more expensive lipsticks. Last summer, I wore the Ultra Glossy Stylo in #807 Red Coral pretty much exclusively. These are gorgeous semi-sheer, wet-look lipsticks that contain SPF 15 so, perfect in every way for sunnier weather. The Unlimited Stylo in #01 Bright Pink is the antithesis of Red Coral but, is equally as gorgeous. You've probably seen me wearing this frequently on the blog and in videos and for good reason. The longlasting formula is comfortable to wear while the shade is my perfect neutral. Sadly, it looks to be discontinued but, definitely check out the Unlimited line of lippies. I pair the Precision Lip Liner in #310 Coral Pink with the Unlimited lipstick and, along with the MAC Pro Longwear lip liners, this is my favourite lip liner formula. 

The quality of the Kiko eyeshadows is impeccable. I would most liken them to Urban Decay; buttery smooth and chock full of pigment. This limited edition Baked Eyeshadow Palette I bought in Berlin a few years ago has been well-loved and I only wish there was a full line of quads of this quality. I also highly rate the Water Eyeshadows and Precision Eyebrow Pencil which, because they were in my make-up bag at the time of writing this, I forgot to include them.

Finally, nail polish! When you walk into a Kiko store, you will be confronted with row after row of every shade of nail polish imaginable - again, not unlike Inglot stores. The quality of these polishes is quite impressive, especially for the price, and I particularly favour their cream formulas. The one pictured above is Turquoise and it gives great, non-streaky coverage in one coat. 

I'll definitely be visiting Kiko again this summer - do you have any recommendations for me? 


  1. I have heard nothing but only good things about Kiko. Wish, wish, wish they are made available here in Asia. And that eye palette is just gorgeous!

  2. The EU site delivers to Ireland.

  3. Oh I didn't know that! Thanks for the info; hopefully the shipping isn't too bad!

  4. It's really beautiful and such good quality too! It's a shame Kiko haven't really branched outside of mainland Europe!

  5. I think it's only about 8 quid, I ordered a while ago so I can't quite remember - but it was good compared to the cost of shipping everything else here!


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