March 13, 2014

Bobbi Brown Nectar & Nude Collection

I love corals. Nudes, I'm not always sold on, but corals are my jam. Even just going by tones and shade selection, this is such a visually appealing collection. The colours just scream 'spring', and it's fitting that these products landed just as we're all experiencing that little lift that the first sunny weather of the year always brings! The collection definitely something you might stop and look at on counter, but are the products any use?

First off, the nail polish. Now, I can't say that Bobbi Brown would have been my first port of call for nail colour, but there's no denying that the coral shade (Nectar*) is a stunning, juicy shade. It's a nice bright without being too jarring or in-your-face; just a simple, pleasing pop of colour. Same goes for the shimmery shade; Bare Peach* is a very simple, peachy glitter, and while it is lovely, you can definitely find a good glitter for less money.

When I checked the price of these I was pleasantly surprised that they were €14. Not exactly cheap, but Bobbi Brown is a premium brand and as such, could have priced these at closer to the €20 mark. The quality is far better than a Chanel or YSL polish, it applies beautifully and lasted well on me. Out of the two, the coral is a no-brainer. Nectar is a gorgeous colour and would make a lovely Mother's Day gift if you're looking to buy a nice treat!

I am genuinely shocked at how much I love these lip glosses. I had my mind half made up before I even began trialling these as I honestly have had no time for lipgloss since I was about 18. I don't like the feeling of most glosses and I hate when my hair sticks to them. I have been wearing and loving these all week - here I am at 8am yesterday morning sporting Nectar! (excuse the bed head).

I think there are two reasons why I am enjoying these so much; first off, I've recently had a good few inches hacked off my hair, so it is a little less likely to get stuck in my gloss. Secondly, these are not super-sticky and feel quite hydrating on the lips as the day goes on. They last well without being overly thick and, as I've already mentioned, the shade Nectar is particularly gorgeous. These are pricey at €24 - that's a fiver more than a MAC lipstick - but I think the quality is definitely there. If you're a gloss girl and want to treat yourself, I'd definitely recommend these!

Bobbi Brown's Nectar and Nude Collection is out now!

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  1. Looks absolutely beautiful on you! :)




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