March 07, 2014

Bedtime Beauty

When you're a kid, bedtimes are the worst time of day. Routines often consist of the dreaded bath, a constant struggle over teeth brushing and a pre-bed fight with siblings over what story mum/dad will read. As an adult, however, bedtimes are easily the highlight of any given day and we come to associate them more with switching off and relaxing and less with temper tantrums and being dragged away from the TV. As such, bedtime routines evolve too and mine is completed with the aim of aiding and expediting the relaxation process. Of course, it's pretty much laden down with beauty products so, I thought I would take you through my bedtime beauty routine.

If I have had a particularly rough day, I will light a candle as soon as I arrive home. I'm really not a candle person, even less so now that they have become almost a beauty blogger cliché, but, something about a soothing scent and the flickering flame really warms up my room and helps me focus my mind on something other than the stresses of the day. This must be my second or third Yankee Candle in the French Lavender scent as it is just perfect for getting ready for bed and helping you fall asleep.

As I get ready to complete my beauty routine, I'll usually stick on some form of music or YouTube video and allow it to play in the background. I find that I can get quite lazy come 10pm and just want to crawl into bed and forget about skincare so, the promise of watching one of my favourite YouTubers for 10 minutes while I get ready definitely helps!

First step is always to complete my night time skincare routine. After cleansing and toning, I'll turn my attention to moisturising. The Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil is still top of my list for giving skin a boost of hydration during the night. The scent, slightly foral with definite hints of sandalwood and lavender, is perfect for bedtime as it is very soothing and not at all sickening. I'm still trying to stay dedicated to using an eye cream, especially since I read that the tapping action around the eyes can help you relax and improve circulation to the area. I'm just about finished the Philosophy Eye Hope and have bought a new eye cream to try in the hopes that I can keep up this arm of my routine.

As I wear some form of lip product most days, I use a lip scrub nightly to slough away any dryness and leave my lips prepped for the next day. I love the LUSH Lip Scrubs* and this one, in Mint Julips, is the least overpowering scent. It will come as no surprise that the NUXE Rève de Miel lip balm features here. I have long proclaimed my love for this little jar of hydration and go through maybe four or five a year as I have to wear lip balm going to bed - probably one of the only aspects carried over from the bedtime routine of my youth!

Finally, when the candle has been blown out and the music turned down, I apply a hand cream. Using a sticky hand cream is probably the only way that I can restrain myself from surfing through Instagram and Twitter all night so, it helps to both soothe my hands and ensure I get my sleep. I'm still using the Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream but, I'm looking for something lighter for spring/summer so, any suggestions would be much appreciated.


  1. Loving the new look blog. This post was dreamy too :)


  2. Philosophy Eye Hope is on my wish list! Gorgeous new look, love the sliding banner.


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