March 20, 2014

Beauty Shopping: Edinburgh Edition

Last week myself and my boyfriend headed off on a short but seriously enjoyable trip to Edinburgh. I had the best time I've had away in ages - we saw (and ate) loads! In short, if you do go, we of course loved the castle and the War Museum and Crown Jewels within, the Camera Obscura, St. Giles Cathedral and Space NK... well, maybe the last part was just me. For grub, Papii and Urban Angel do inexpensive, gorgeous brunch. We had a fancy meal at The Witchery (aka Hogwarts in restaurant form), and a more casual but seriously delicious burger at Bar Kohl. I was sad to have missed out on one of the underground tours but, at least I've an excuse to go back!

So that's enough culture and grub - you're probably here for the cosmetics, right?! I did dip into savings and bought a lot - it's safe to say that I am covered for a long while!

I picked up some MAC in the airport and am so, so pleased with both items. I'll start off with my favourite - Warm Soul is almost definitely my new favourite blush. It is perfection. It had been in my brain forever as I know that so many people love it - off the top of my head, I remember Siobhan from LetzMakeup and Rachel Whitehurst both raving about it. It is another one of those all-in-one, neutral, slightly sculpting blushes that both myself and Sinead have come to love so much. It's similar to Chanel Accent but far warmer in tone, with the most flattering golden sheen. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like this. It makes me very happy. Buy it!!

I also picked up Dreaming Dahlia lipstick from MAC's latest collection, A Fantasy of Flowers. I wouldn't have bought this if it wasn't for the lovely Simone. On our shopping trip the evening before I went away, she bought it and I honestly had paid no attention to it before then. However, it is the most perfect daytime juicy coral in one of my favourite finishes (Lustre). Again, it's just super-flattering and I've been finding it hard to wear anything else!

From Space NK, I was gunning for NARS and picked up the Pro-Prime Instant Line and Pore Perfector. I am hoping this will decrease the visibility of the big pores I have on my cheeks but, I haven't had time to try it yet so will report back! Another Velvet Matte lip pencil also came home with me - Dragon Girl, the most perfect, bright, raspberry pinky-red. You all know how I feel about these pencils - excellent is not even the word.

From Hourglass, I finally caved and got the Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation. I have wanted this since it came out as it's supposed to be one of the best liquid bases ever for oily skin. I loved it when the lady in Space NK applied it but I will say I am still getting to grips with this. It does last incredibly well but is almost drying. It could be that my skin is not quite as oily as it once was (yay!), and I may enjoy this more in the summer. Full review pending!

 Swatched: MAC Dreaming Dahlia, NARS Dragon Girl, MAC Warm Soul

Three more things; all amazing products. I have wanted the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense for the longest time and after finally using up all of my moisturisers, I could justify snapping it up. It is expensive but the bottle is huge and you get 60ml of product, which is double the average amount of product. I wanted to up my SPF because of all of the chemical exfoliants I am using and this is just perfect. It is incredibly light, quite hydrating and, teamed with a bit of Hydraluron makes a perfect base for make-up.

I bought into the hype of Oribe Dry Texturising Spray and well, I am sold. I have never used anything as good and I have tried texturising sprays from Kerastase, Redken and Bumble and Bumble thus far. You only need the tiniest spray of this which makes the price easier to justify... kinda. I think this small one will last me for ages. Oh, and it smells glorious.

On the subject of smells, I also joined the Jo Malone bandwagon. I was never hugely interested until Laura made me smell them all in Brown Thomas last year and since then I've been hankering after one. I went with Blackberry & Bay as it's a bit of a classic - sweet in a mature way and honestly, if I could drink this, I would.


  1. Warm Soul looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm smitten :) Edinburgh is so great, beautiful city



  2. I absolutely love Blackberry and Bay, such a warm cosy scent!

  3. Great purchases Dee! Love the look of the NARS pencil and MAC lippie, my kind of colours! Must give that Jo Malone fragrance a sniff next time I'm on Brown Thomas. I've never been to Edinburgh, but heard it's gorgeous, I only recently visited Scotland for the first time and I'm already dying to go back!

    Emma x


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