February 18, 2014

Video ¦ Current Favourites

After Dee recorded her January favourites, I started to look around for my own. However, I quickly realised that I don't use enough new products in a month to warrant a monthly favourites. So, instead, I'll be bringing my favourite products to you every 2-3 months in the form of Current Favourites. Hope you enjoy!


  1. I love modern muse - my sister wears it and its such a beautiful, classic scent. I reall really want a nars lip pencil! Seen so many good reviews of them

    Katy xx

  2. I'm the same I don't use enough new products for monthly favourites! I'm a big fan of Aqualight shampoo, great for a good cleanse!

  3. Wish NARS is available here in Malaysia :-(


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