February 18, 2014

REN Clearcalm 3 Clarity Restoring Mask

I am getting fussier with age when it comes to skincare. I suppose I've reached a stage where I know what I like and what my skin needs - being oily, dehydrated and acne-prone, it's even fussier than I am! I always like to have a good quality clay mask on hand to help clear out congestion and keep oil at bay; a recent favourite has been the Una Brennan one whilst the Origins charcoal mask left me a bit cold, and before that I was all about REN's Invisible Pores Detox Mask.

Now I'm back to REN, a brand which has probably been my favourite for skincare over the last year. After using and loving the Clearcalm cleanser (which I need to repurchase ASAP!), I decided the mask from that range would probably be worth a punt as well.

This is different to other clay masks that I've used in that it doesn't dry to a hard or crumbly finish.. It stays creamy for as long as you opt to leave it on - I've been known to go up to 40 minutes - which means that it is just perfect for blemish prone skin that is also dehydrated. A good quality clay mask won't usually suck too much moisture from the skin anyhow, but this one is a real champion in terms of leaving the skin balanced, refreshed and soft without compensating on moisture at all. It's also very soothing on any sore areas or big blemishes, and takes down some of the redness in my skin.

So if it isn't already obvious, I think this is a top-quality mask, well worth the €35. It's lasting me ages and you only need about a pump to cover your face - I really enjoy the REN packaging for the pump and the fact that you can see exactly how much is left. A total winner - go forth and purchase if your skin is as crappy as mine!

REN is available in Clerys, Dublin, Space NK and online at Cloud10Beauty.


  1. I have toyed with the idea of picking this up but I couldn't find a review as thorough as yours. I don't like clay masks that dry to a desert like finish as my skin needs the extra moisture now that I am on the otherwise of 30. Thanks for the review.

  2. This sounds really nice, I love Ren products!


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