February 14, 2014

La Roche-Posay Rosaliac: The Lowdown

You are all well aware by now that Dee and I have a lot of time and respect for La Roche-Posay as a brand. Every product has a specific purpose and every product that we have tried has performed as promised. Recently, I went along to the launch of the newest La Roche-Posay product; Rosaliac CC Crème. As the name suggests, it is joining the Rosaliac line-up which targets skin redness and, in the most severe of cases, rosacea.

Now, neither Dee nor myself suffer with rosacea but, we know a lot of you do (it's not called the Curse of the Celts for nothing). So, despite not being able to actively review the products, I did want to take the opportunity to introduce you to the Rosaliac line, including the new CC Crème, and share some tips I picked up at the launch. 

While I don't know the full scientific spiel of what exactly rosacea is, I did note the basics down to share with you. Basically, rosacea presents as a varying degree of constant redness in the skin that is prone to further flare ups when triggered by aggressors. Each individual's aggressors may be different so, it's important to determine what yours are in order to avoid them. Common aggressors include sun/heat, stress, alcohol and spicy foods. Rosacea occurs when blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin become inflamed and fragile and "break", giving that broken capillaries look to the surface of the skin. Unfortunately, rosacea is irreversible but, preventative measures can be taken to ensure it doesn't progress or get any worse.

The Rosaliac line-up now consists of four products. Cleansing, moisturising and make-up are taken care of and the brand recommend that you treat your rosacea/redness in a 360 degree fashion. In other words, if you want to successfully reduce the severity of the condition, you will need to use all steps in the program in conjunction with one another.

To cleanse the skin, the brand recommend using Rosaliac Cleansing Gel* (€16.99). This is a super gentle micellaire-based gel cleanser that soothes and refreshes aggravated skin while also working towards reducing the appearance of redness over time. After cleansing, it's time to soothe the skin using the cult-favourite Thermal Spring Water. I've gone through at least four bottles of this stuff since I was first introduced to it and I can't recommend it enough for its skin comforting properties (as well as how nicely it sets make-up when used as a finishing spray!)

The next step is to treat the redness. Rosaliac AR Intense* (€23.50) is a groundbreaking serum that is intended as an intensive treatment for affected skin. Ambophenol, an ingredient prevalent throughout the line, is used to strengthen the fragile blood vessels against further breakage and also to reduce peptide production which are what cause redness to begin with. From treating the problem, we move onto moisturising. La Roche-Posay have three hydrating options for skin; Rosaliac* (€21.00), Rosaliac UV Legere*(€22.00) and Rosaliac UV Riche* (€22.00). All three products are anti-redness moisturisers but, the main difference between them is that the latter two contain SPF and also target specific skintypes; normal (UV Legere) and dry (UV Riche).

Finally, rounding out the line-up, is La Roche-Posay's newest incarnation designed to cover redness; Rosaliac CC Creme*(€22.50). The brand worked for years to find the perfect pigment formula that would suit the widest range of skintones. Combine this with thermal spring water and specifically chosen oils and you have yourself a great product for concealing, correcting and perfecting redness as well as continuing to treat it as part of the Rosaliac system.

Now, I'll be honest. Despite the brand saying that the pigments used were chosen for Celtic skintones, this CC Creme is too dark for me to wear. However, in the interest of giving you an initial impression, I did wear it for a day around my house and have the following thoughts; it gives good coverage to redness (especially around the nose) and neutralises the worst of it; it leaves a dewy, natural-looking finish that doesn't transfer; it feels comfortable on the skin, almost like an extension of your moisturiser. Unfortunately, it's just too dark for this Celtic skin so, I would urge you to swatch before you buy. 

I love that La Roche-Posay have really committed to the Rosaliac line and have brought it full circle. Seeing and hearing about the extent and severity of rosacea at the press evening made it all the more clear to me how a product like the CC Creme could really aid in improving a sufferer's confidence and general well-being and, for me, that's what the beauty industry should be about; giving someone the tools so that they can improve upon their perceived imperfections and not let it hold them back. 

While the Rosaliac line isn't targeted at me or my skintype, I do hope this post was interesting and helpful to those of you who do suffer with redness or rosacea. 


  1. Ahhhhh, I was dying to see a review of the CC cream, I have a very red complexion, but I think ill give it a miss if its going to be too dark.

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  3. The Rosaliac products sound great, I tried a sample of the CC cream and it's definitely too dark for me so going to use it in the summer instead. :-)

  4. I haven't tried the CC cream yet as I'm waiting for my sample to arrive. They're giving out free samples on their French website but I'm not sure if it's open internationally. It doesn't say anything about the shade on the website but I'm guessing it's going to be way too light for me. I wish brands would realize that some darker skinned people also suffer from rosacea :(

  5. I've used the Rosaliac and Rosaliac uv moisturisers and love them. I didn't overly love the cleanser, I found I'd to use a lot of product

  6. Oooh I never knew you could use the thermal water as a setting spray for make-up despite buying the product for years! Also defiantly going to give the Rosaliac CC Crèm a try :)

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