February 19, 2014

Easy Va-va-voom Hair with Elnett Volume Excess

If you remember this post, you'll know that I love having huge, volumised hair but, hate the damage teasing and overly stressing it causes. However, I'm always in a bit of a Catch 22 because I have poker straight hair that only holds volume at the roots if its forcibly coaxed into place and heavily sprayed. So, it stands to reason that I love any mega-hold hair product that can also deliver on the volume front.

Enter the new Elnett Volume Excess* (€4.42/€7.98/€10.66), a reinvention of the iconic and eternal-favourite Elnett hairspray that has an added texturising compelex.

In order to achieve some gentle volume, I spray my fingertips with the hairspray and quickly distribute it along my part line, manipulating the hair upwards and then smoothing with a brush. However, subtlety isn't my strong suit so, for some decent va-va-voom hair, I pick my hair up in sections and liberally spray the roots. I hold each section for just a few seconds so that the hairspray dries in the lifted position. I repeat this sectioning/spraying rhythm around the crown of my head and, once, I look like I've been dragged through a bush backwards, I take a paddle brush and smooth the top layer, still keeping the volume in the roots underneath.

This is a simple way to get volume into your hair that actually holds all day long. If you feel like you could do with more lift throughout the day, simply agitate your hair at the roots once again and it will poof right back up. This has fast become an indispensable product for me and has replaced my bog-standard Elnett for good I think!

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  1. Hmmm...I may need this in my life/hair! My hair is falling super flat these days!


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