February 17, 2014

Brand Focus: Clarins

Clarins is a brand that, pre-blogging, I had little-to-no interest in. Fast-forward three years and it has earned itself the status of one of my favourite brands. From skincare to make-up to bodycare, the products are of the highest quality and very rarely disappoint. I have rounded up some of my all-time favourite Clarins goodies in order to give you the briefest of introductions to the brand. Writing this, I realise that I have left the Clarins Huile Santal out which is somewhat sacrilegious as it is a firm part of my daily skincare routine but, I have a full post on that here so, you can check it out. 

In terms of bodycare, I have major love for the Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion. I have a full review on that here if you're interested but, in brief, I love it because it is the most nourishing, intensely hydrating and comforting body lotion I have found. I absolutely recommend this to every single one of you.

Clarins do primers really, really well and two in particular are firm favourites of mine. One is an oldie, the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch. This is probably my second or third jar of the stuff and I love it because it is a mattifying formula that visibly perfects the appearance of the skin. It's my most reached for primer and I have yet to find one that is as effective. A newbie primer from the brand is the Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base*. This is one of those colour-correcting primers that promises to do things like even skintone, reduce redness, cover hyperpigmentation, all depending on what colour you choose. I have the shade Champagne which is for correcting the appearance of redness in fair skintones. I do love this product, especially when used in conjunction with the Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch, but, at €30, I do think it's verging on expensive!

I feel like the Clarins woman is quite understated and elegant and quite into neutral, natural-looking make-up and the brand's lip products always reflect this. As a gal who loves a bold lip, not all products appeal to me but, two really stand out. The Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector* is basically the only lipgloss type product I like and can wear without wanting to scrub my lips after 0.5 seconds. That's because these are more of a gloss-balm hybrid and are deeply nourishing while also making lips look fuller. I found out about the Clarins Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm from a Lisa Eldridge video and have since added two or three to my collection. I particularly love them during the summer as the outer balm gives great hydration while the pigmented inner core gives just a hint of colour - perfect for lounging by the pool or on a tropical beach!

Where Clarins really excels, as far as I am concerned, is with their face powders. Every collection they release a limited edition, always exceedingly pretty face powder that can be used as a blush, all over finishing powder or a highlight. If you are into beautiful beauty or like to collect make-up, I highly recommend these finely milled, high quality powders either to use or just to look at! The Clarins Bronzing Duo* is probably my favourite powder bronzer and I have been using the one pictured above for the guts of three years and still have yet to hit pan. I just blend the two shades together for a natural, sunkissed looking glow.


  1. I adore Clarins! I'm such a huge fan of theirs!

  2. I love the brand, too. Have been neglecting it at first ... it always seemed too... I don't know... shy? conservative? modest? at first glance... But due to my own blog I took a deeper look and found so many products that are way beyond short-dated trends... I do have some favorites among the Clarins products... the foundations... the powder ... the colored LE powders...the Lip colors... skincare of course... Deep Love for the unagitated elegance and high quality products. Have you seen the Iris Blossom Palette!? <3

  3. You know what, I haven't tried a single clarins product! I don't know why, they look amazing!

    Katy xx

  4. Clarins is on of my favourite brands! It's so easy to overlook, I think a lot of people still think it's more of an mature lady / conservative brand but they just have some fabulous products! Their makeup range is absolutely gorgeous too!

    alex @

  5. The Lip Perfectors are the bomb! Would love to see the video where Lisa Eldridge uses the balms? The primers sound delightful too. And don't get me started on the concealers.......LUSTWORTHY! I'm taking mental notes of all these babies. Some serious swatching will be done on my next Boots trip! :)


  6. I bought my first Clarins product about 2 weeks ago! I'm on a mission to improve my skin so I bought their exfoliating toner. It's early days but my sensitive skin seems to be taking it surprisingly well. The Complexion Base sounds amazing but unfortunately my budget won't allow me to splash out on any more beautiful Clarins for awhile!


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