February 28, 2014

Beauty Tools

When you hear "beauty tools" you probably think make-up brushes and sponges. However, there is so much more that goes into how we style ourselves. It all might seem a bit mundane, a bit basic, in comparison to the shimmery highlighters and bright lipsticks we all love but, when I sat back and thought about what beauty tools I couldn't be without, I surprised myself with the list I came up with - especially as only one make-up brush made the cut! 
Despite not being a "hair person", there are two hair tools I could not see myself ever being without and both of which I have spoken about before. The first is my hairdryer, the ghd AIR, which I was lucky enough to receive to try last summer. Back then, I was thoroughly amazed by how light it was in comparison to its predecessor and also by how sleek and shiny it made my hair with little-to-no effort on my part. Fast-forward almost 7 months and my feelings have only grown stronger - I particularly love how quickly it gets my hair dry.

Another hairy favourite is the good ole Tangle Teezer. Again, this has earned 'can't live without' status and honestly, I think everyone should have one. The trick I have found for getting this to really work for me to use it post shampoo in the shower (I don't condition but, if I did, I would use this to comb the conditioner through!) for super sleek, knot-free hair. I kind of have this thing about my hair being pulled so, the fact that this has removed that awful sensation from my life makes it a winner in my book.

In terms of skin tools, there is only one that really makes the cut and it will come as no surprise that this is the Clarisonic Mia. After wanting one for, quite literally, years, I finally took the plunge about two years ago and haven't looked back. I use the Clarisonic every second night and my skin has never been better. It always feels and looks so clean which is a huge feat when you are slapping make-up on it everyday for 12+ hours. I said it back then and I'll say it again, if you have been considering a Clarisonic, don't hesitate any longer. It is a fairly substantial expense but, once you find the regime your skin likes, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Only two make-up tools made the cut which is somewhat surprising since make-up brushes are my thing but, when I really drilled down and considered what would be my 'desert island' picks, I realised I only had two. The first is the cult favourite Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. Prior to getting this, I poo-poo'd at the idea of one eyelash curler being different from another. However, a very generous gift from my sister one Christmas soon showed me what I'd been missing. I really don't know what it is about the Shu curler but, the stuff it does to my lashes is like witchcraft. Lashes are lifted, separated and always gently curled - never bent - and I will never ever go back to another eyelash curler again. In fact, I love it so much I also picked up the new Shu Uemura S-Curler in the sales and adore that for precision curling (sounds like an Olympic sport!).

Of course, the incomparable MAC 217 brush has to make an appearance here. I own...five of these brushes and use them for everything from blending eyeshadow to cheek highlighting to concealing. Honestly, this is just the most multi-functional make-up brush and, even though some of those five that I own are the Sigma equivalent, the original MAC brush is just irreplaceable to me. 

Surprisingly, there is also a teeth tool in the mix. In the post-Christmas sales, I snapped up the Oral B Professional Care 2000 electric toothbrush. It was half price and I had always been intrigued by the idea of using an electric toothbrush. Two months on and I barely remember what it's like to use a normal toothbrush. This baby flashes every time you need to change quadrant of your mouth to ensure that all teeth get a thorough clean. I mostly use it with the deep cleaning brush head and I find this is great for even getting in the spaces between the teeth. The best part, however, is that people have actually commented on how white and shiny my teeth are...delighted! 

Whether they be make-up brushes or hair brushes, I would love to know what your favourite beauty tools are! 

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