February 21, 2014

Alpha H Liquid Gold

Alpha H Liquid Gold is one of those beauty products that has been on The List for ages but, I have never quite got around to buying it. However, one day last month I was perusing HQ Hair and saw that they had a twin-pack for a really good price. So, I roped my sister in and we ended up saving ourselves almost €20 each! Sadly, that duo seems to be gone now but, definitely keep an eye on the site if you're interested because, trust me, this is one skincare product everyone should have handy. 
In brief, Alpha H Liquid Gold is a chemical exfoliator. Glycolic Acid is the active ingredient and, together with liquorice, this works to improve the appearance of imperfections like acne, large pores and wrinkles. It visibly tightens the skin on first application and, come morning time, skin is left feeling incredibly even and smooth textured.

I was a bit hesitant to try this as my skin verges on sensitive and I had heard many reports of irritations and aggravations after use. However, I started slow and applied a few drops to a cotton pad which I then swiped only across my T-Zone. I then followed up with the intensely hydrating Clarins Huile Santal. After a week or so of easing my skin in gently, I applied it all of the skin and, eventually, stopped using the follow-up moisturiser so that my skin got the full effect of the Glycolic Acid.

There is some definite reaction when I first apply the Liquid Gold but, nothing unbearable. Firstly, my face tingles ever-so-slightly (think the sensation of plumping lip balms) and then becomes quite hot and turns red. These after effects wear off in less than a minute and, as I don't find them hugely uncomfortable, the results of using Liquid Gold as a treatment every second night are well worth it.

Despite having tried other chemical exfoliators like P50 and, most recently, Pixi Glow Tonic, I find that the Alpha H Liquid Gold works best with my skin. Without fail I have woken up every morning after application to visibly brighter, more taut skin and I can't see myself going without this stuff any time soon!


  1. Love this product. It's such a strange tingly sensation when you use it first but daaayum does this shit work! My skin feels so plump and juicy in the morning when I apply before bedtime! I especially love it for lazy nights when I just cannot bring myself to do a full skincare routine (usually a drunken night ahem ahem). Such a shame about the price though because it's such a good product!


  2. I've been using Liquid Gold for ages, I put it on 2-3 times a week as a treatment, the results are fantastic :) But I still use the pixi glow tonic just as a toner. I'm an exfoliation addict :P

    alex @

  3. I've wanted to try this for such a long time but I'm still yet to order it. I'll keep my eye out for the offers though x


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