January 25, 2014

Video ¦ Beauty Shopping

Following Dee's triumphant return to YouTube, I was inspired to make a video of my own! This is a beauty shopping post ("haul" if you will!) made up of purchases I have made over the last three or four months.

The day was awfully grey and I over compensated on the video exposure a bit so, apologies for how bright it is. However, Dee and I have a solution en route that should hopefully mean we can film more - whatever the weather! I also need to figure out my camera focusing so please; bear with me!

Hopefully you enjoy this; please do let me know!


  1. Really enjoyed the video, never mind the brightness! It's nice to actually see and hear you girls. Maybe you can even make a make-up tutorial video some time? Just sayin' :)

  2. Great video, subscribed to you :) x

  3. I really love your videos, I want that pixi toner!


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