January 21, 2014

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots

Creamy eyeshadows aren't always my bag because of my oily skin, but for the most part, the MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pots are definitely a favourite. I had Painterly a while back and for a long time it was my eye primer of choice, and I used the entire thing up. Seeing as I have a lot of makeup, any product that I fully finish up must be doing something right.

At the moment, I've three Paint Pots in my collection; Bare Study, Groundwork and Soft Ochre. Some are better than others but overall I am a big Paint Pot advocate; I love the Maybelline Colour Tattoos as much as the next make-up freak but, as a person with oily eyelids, I have to pair them with a small bit of primer to achieve the kind of longevity that some Paint Pots will give me on their own.

I'll get my least favourite out of the way first; Bare Study was a bit of an impulse purchase when MAC were out of stock of another shade that I wanted. It's a shimmery champagne-y colour that I do like, but the colour looks a little dull on my complexion if I wear it alone. If you're not as pale as me, it will probably be really flattering. I will sometimes wear this with a matte brown in the crease (something like Urban Decay's Buck), but it doesn't last on me without a primer. Out of the three that I own, I don't think I would buy this again.

Groundwork was another Lesley Keane inspired-purchase; I bought it after seeing her use it at a MAC IFTA masterclass last year. I adore this; it's a nice taupey-brown that makes an excellent base for most of the eyeshadows I favour. It's great for adding that extra bit of depth to a look - it can be built up in intensity for the beginnings of a smokey eye, and one thin layer works equally as well for daytime. This is not a shade I would have picked out myself had I not seen it used by a professional - just goes to show, doesn't it?! As it has no shimmer, I find that this one really does make my eyeshadow go the distance and last all day.

L-R: Groundwork, Bare Study, Soft Ochre

My most recent paint pot acquisition is Soft Ochre; you might have seen me mention this in Sunday's video. This is a yellowish cream shade that does wonders at brightening up the eye area and prepping it for shadow. If you've tried and liked Painterly, get your hands on this - you'll love it even more. It is just the perfect base for any eyeshadow look; it helps the shades look vibrant, stay true to colour and last all day. A little goes a long way with this stuff, too, so it will last a long time (and you can back to MAC it after, of course!)

Closing notes; I love the MAC Paint Pots, I really do still think that they are worth the money. Even with an increasing amount of cream eyeshadows on offer at Boots, these stand up for me in terms of longevity and a well-thought-out selection of shades. The mattes are the best bang for your buck if, like me, you don't want glitter overload and have oily eyelids.


  1. "The mattes are the best bang for your buck if, like me, you don't want glitter overload and have oily eyelids."

    That's me down to a "T"! Soft Ochre will be mine, oh yes. Looks like it'd be great to cancel out any redness too :)

  2. I love MAC paint pots! They are so versatile & the matte ones are a fabulous base for eyeshadow!

    alex @

  3. I really want to try Soft Ochre, I think you have convinced me to get it now :)


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