January 24, 2014

La Roche-Posay Serozinc

Dee and I have a bit of an unwritten rule that we don't focus too much on products that we can't get easily here in Ireland. However, we have been after La Roche-Posay Serozinc for the longest time and when Sarah very kindly picked us up some on a recent jaunt to Paris, I knew that, if it lived up to the hype, I would have to share it with you. So, since you're reading this, you can probably tell that this going to be a fairly positive review!
In brief, Serozinc is a zinc sulphate solution that is used to soothe and purify the skin. Zinc is said to lightly hydrate the skin but, perhaps most interestingly, it also works to prevent breakouts and tackle pre-existing blemishes. It has become something of an urban legend within the online beauty community as it is really only available in France but, it is well deserving of its status.

It seems as though everyone who tries Serozinc loves it and the cynic in me assumed that at least 50% of those people were just hype merchants, afraid to go against the grain and speak out negatively about a much-loved product. However, I was entirely wrong.

Serozinc is a lovely, lovely product. It is gentle. It is soothing. It is highly effective. The day this arrived, I had been nursing a random eruption on my forehead for almost a week. It was just a particularly stubborn sub-surface spot that didn't seem responsive to any topical treatments I had applied. Fast-forward 48 hours and 4 applications of Serozinc later and the spot had reduced to little more than a raised red bump. I was sold based on that alone but, the other benefits, overall baby soft skin, less visible pores and instant hydration cemented this as a constant in my skincare routine (which is problematic as I have no current plans to visit France)! If you have a chance to get it, I highly recommend it!

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  1. This sounds exactly what I need! Ah you girls and your enabling ways.... off I go to search for it!


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