January 15, 2014

Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil

If, like mine, your skin has been giving you hassle during this cold spell, then look no further than this post! Almost over night, my skin took a weird turn and became very dry and irritated. I was literally layering moisturiser on top of moisturiser but, my skin was just not responding. After three or four days of gross, flaky, rough textured skin, I was fed up so, had a dig through my skincare drawers and came up with a brand new bottle of Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil. I slapped it on, went to bed and woke up with hydrated, supple, comfortable skin. Sold. 

Santal Face Treatment Oil promises to give soothing relief to dry and very dry skin. It contains 100% pure plant extracts including essential oils sandalwood, cardamon and lavender which work to tone and soothe overwrought skin. As you can imagine, with these ingredients, the oil smells quite incredible and feels really refreshing and comforting on the skin.

I'm not sure if there is a "right" way to apply the oil but, what I do is take one squeeze worth of product in the dropper and drop it into the palm of my hand. I then smush my hands together to distribute the oil and begin to pat it into my skin using gentle pressing motions. Once my whole face has been taken care of, I use the residue on my hands to bring the treatment down onto my neck and chest.

The results this oil gives are almost instantaneous - and I don't say that lightly! As soon as I apply it, I can practically feel my skin loosening and relaxing. Clarins suggest tissuing off any residue but, I prefer to leave it on as, overnight, my skin drinks it up and I wake up with the softest, brightest skin that is in such stark contrast to what I was dealing with a few weeks ago.

At €39.50, Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil isn't by any means a cheap option. However, a little goes a very long way (The bottle you see in the pictures was after three weeks use and I have barely made a dent in it!) and it is the first skincare product in a very long time that I am genuinely blown away by. It gives instant relief and quick rehydration to winter-sore skin and, for me, that's more that I could ever ask for.

Clarins Santal Face Treatment Oil is €39.50 at Brown Thomas online.

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  1. Is there one for oily skin too? I have combination skin and I would be worried this would be too heavy for me!

    1. Stephanie, Aoife (below) is right. Clarins Lotus oil is brilliant for oily skin from what I'm told! Their Hydraquench serum is also incredible for all skintypes if you just feel dehydrated!

  2. Stephanie, Clarins also sell Lotus Oil for oily skin. Although it seems counter-intuitive, applying oil to oily skin will make skin less oily.

    I'm on my second bottle of the Blue Orchid Oil for dehydrated skin and I love it. Sinéad, I apply the oil after serum and before I apply night cream and/or Origins Intensive Drink Up Mask.

    1. Do you use a serum as well as the oil? That's intriguing...must try! I currently use it after LRP Serozinc/Pixi Glow Tonic and then leave it on all night as a treatment!

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